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JavaRush News (09.20.2017)

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Friends! It's time for another JavaRush update.
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The most noticeable change for users was the change in subscriptions and their prices . As we previously warned, the Premium plan now costs $30 per month and now includes the task recommendations feature , previously only available to Premium Pro users. The latter, with access to an internship, will now cost $50 per month. We remind you that those who purchased a monthly subscription BEFORE September 19 and left the auto-renewal function turned on will pay for subsequent months of study at the OLD PRICES ($20 and $35 for Premium and Premium Pro, respectively). In addition, in today's update, the conditions or verification mechanism for the following tasks have been improved and verified: task1828, task3008(21), task0531, task1326, task3101, task3513, task0512, task3110, task3101, task0919, task3113, task2610, task2025, task2207, task3210, task2312, task2028, task1827, task3008, task1917, task0415, task1411, task0416). Also, the “Help” section has been updated . In particular, there is a new type of sorting (sorting by activity) that many have been asking for.
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