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How I take notes from Java books and lectures using OneNote

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How I take notes from Java books and lectures using OneNote - 1 I was never particularly distinguished by my ability to take notes on materials. At school, the volumes of information were not large and I always remembered everything perfectly during the lessons. And if there was a lot of information, then the teacher usually had a ready-made outline. At school it was not difficult to study well :) At the university they give a lot of information and where I studied it was normal not to take notes of the lecture, but to write it down word for word in a notebook. And if you wanted to take notes, it was not very convenient to do so, since the information was not spoken in whole sentences, but in chunks and under dictation. In general, I am looking for ways to systematize information. I want to share what I have come to so far and will be very grateful if someone shares their work and experience in the comments. To begin with, I tried to get used to using Evernote for recording information and the like. But now I refused it because it turned out to be not very convenient for me in some respects. I only use it as a very cool and convenient way to save web pages :) Now I have “discovered” Microsoft OneNote for the second time. It has its drawbacks, but still it is very convenient for me now. It is very similar to the notebooks that I often saw with my friends :) This is a notebook with bookmarks of different colors sticking out, thus separating lectures or any other material into different sections. So: You can create “Notebooks”. You can set your own color for each book. You can create a "Section" in a book. You can create many sections and you can choose a color for each. In Sections you can add “Pages”, they are located on the right. The pages have nesting levels, but they are not very clear. The pages already contain the information we are interested in, although the pages do not look like the pages of a regular text editor. Editing text happens differently there and I still can’t get the hang of it, but it suits me. In a book, you can also create not just sections, but also a “section group” - this is a section to which you can add other sections. This is a multi-volume book :) A convenient system when you need to group a lot of information on one or several topics. So far I'm using it like this: Currently I'm reading Horstamm - The Professional's Library. I'm learning Swing. There is a lot of advice and analysis of methods of different classes, and in order to structure it all, I did this: I created a new “Book” where I will take notes on all the books on Java. In this book I created a “Section Group”, one “group” is one book on Java. Now he has created a “group” for Eckel and Horstmann. In the "group of sections", there are already other "sections". For Horstman, “sections” serve as chapters from a book for me. Well, the “pages” in the “sections” actually serve as notes for various information from this chapter. Another thing that’s very convenient: I’ve set up a lightweight shortcut that can be used to make screenshots, selected part of the screen and saved to the clipboard. And this screen is very easy to insert into OneNote. I’ll finish reading the chapters on GUI and return to the lectures on JavaRush and now I’ll have a convenient way to take notes :) I’m not a master of life hacks, so I googled This. PS I did this in Intellij Idea How I take notes from Java books and lectures using OneNote - 2