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Spring comes in autumn: Spring 5.0 released

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Despite the cold weather, it is hot in the camp of Java developers. Last week , the long-awaited Java 9 finally went gold . Now it’s time to update the “great and terrible” and also the best framework for our favorite language - Spring . The fifth version of the framework was also in no hurry to be released: the “four” appeared already in 2013, and its successor spent more than a year at the milestone and release candidate stages.
Spring comes in autumn: Spring 5.0 - 1 released
You can see the full list of changes in English by following the link to GitHub Spring . We will just mention that the new Spring Framework has become much better suited to work with the latest versions of Java. It fully supports JDK 9 and Java EE8 at the API level, integration with Reactor 3.1, JUnit 5 and Kotlin language. In addition, Spring Framework 5 supports the new Spring WebFlux web framework and an updated version of servlet-based Spring MVC.
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