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Help me make a choice.

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Along with training in JavaRush, I decided to take advanced training courses and get a diploma in the IT field. I was offered two options to choose from: 1. Internet programming Flash MX for professional programmers XML basics Internet routing protocols and algorithms Procedures, diagnostics and Internet security Introduction to the SQL data model Python programming language JavaScript programming basics Linux operating system Algorithms and protocols for data channels and networks Practice of developing Web pages Basics of working in HTML Applying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Programming Language PHP Java 2.Programming Fundamentals of programming in C# Data structures and computational models Java programming Fundamentals of operating systems OOP Fundamentals of office programming Fundamentals of software testing Programming language C Programming in Pascal Organization of computer systems Fundamentals of programming C++ programming language for professionals Graphs and algorithms Introduction to relational databases Want hear advice from experienced people, what to choose? Which is more optimal? Due to lack of experience, it is difficult for me to make a choice.
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