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Decent and beautiful code

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There is a section with examples of how not to write program code, so maybe there should be a thread on the forum with diametrically opposed examples? I guess that the concepts of “worthy and beautiful” are very subjective, well, it’s quite possible to deal with colleagues in a friendly manner and without ridicule while studying Java wisdom, isn’t it, friends?! The idea was born yesterday, when in the comments to tasks in the new version of javarush I discovered two informative and elegant codes (it’s a pity that the authors in those sections could not be “plus” - the creators of javarush did not provide this opportunity). And if we take examples from the fine arts, music, literature, then learning is based on worthy role models. We haven’t seen any teaching of craftsmanship using examples of kitsch, bad taste, or vulgarity. Even in a strict chess annotation, an exclamation point is used when a non-obvious and very effective move follows... In general, I am for a selection of worthy and beautiful examples to follow in java programming. PS An article consonant with some of the thoughts expressed: “ What is beautiful code, and how to write it? »
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