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Preparing for an internship: learning JavaScript, SQL, HTML\CSS, UML

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Preparing for an internship: learning JavaScript, SQL, HTML\CSS, UML - 1 Good afternoon, dear Javarashites and Javarashites! Having the goal of world domination to study the Java language, he recognized the need for an internship. Studying the issue showed that completing the JavaRush course is completely insufficient for completing a test assignment and completing an internship. In addition to Java Core, you need at least a superficial knowledge of a dozen more technologies. Experts recommend mastering these technologies in parallel with the JavaRush course. So, with the goal of world domination, learning the Java language, I had to take up the study of these very additional technologies. Not all at once, of course. And those that are simpler, for which I am already ready. More specifically, I have taken up JavaScript and SQL for now. Next up are XHTML\CSS\HTML5 and UML. Below I would like to share a list of materials selected for training on the stated topics. The structure of training is formed as follows. Firstly, mastering a popular course that allows you to master the basics of language/technology. Secondly, planning books for more in-depth study, if necessary or possible. And thirdly, solving “problems” on the topic studied to maintain knowledge and gain experience. It should be noted that I am more comfortable learning from books, so the article does not include online courses, video lectures, and other possible ways to study the material. English-language resources and books are also not listed, due to poor orientation in this area. If commentators find it possible to share their experiences with such forms of training, I will gratefully add to the article. I would also be grateful for other advice on the topic of the article. SQL Initial study of the topic: Head First "Learning SQL", Martin Gruber "Understanding SQL". In-depth study of the topic: Paul Dubois "MySQL. Collection of recipes." Solving problems on the topic: Website XHTML\CSS\HTML5 Initial study of the topic: Head First "Learning XHTML\CSS", Head First "Learning HTML 5", In-depth study of the topic: specific books have not yet been determined . It is necessary to select fundamental works on HTML 5 and CSS 3. Since I have not studied this topic yet, I don’t know whether XHTML is relevant beyond the basic course or not. There is a good book “CSS. Cascading style sheets. A Comprehensive Guide by Eric A. Meyer. But it exists in Russian for versions 2 and 2.1. I don’t know how relevant this is with CSS3. Solving problems on the topic: JavaScript Initial study of the topic: Head First "Learning JavaScript", Head First "Learning JQuery". Optional, for undiscussed topics, resource In-depth study of the topic: David Flanagan "JavaScript. A comprehensive guide (6th edition)" Solving problems on the topic: /ce30e7a036f18f416ae0#%D0%97%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B0%D1%87%D0%BA%D0%B8-%D0%BD%D0%B0-js zadachi_javascript_jquery UML Initial study of the topic: Fowler M. "UML. Fundamentals" In-depth study of the topic: Jim Arlow and Isla Neustadt "UML 2 and the Unified Process. Practical Object-Oriented Analysis and Design", 2nd edition, J. Rambo, M. Blaha - UML 2.O. Object-oriented modeling and development Solving problems on the topic: Problems are in the book by Rambo and Blach. For the rest, you'll probably have to come up with problems yourself. For example, trying to design applications. Take a commonplace Notepad and try to write a diagram of its operation in the context of OOP. I will share my experience in learning other technologies necessary for internship (Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, OOP, JDBC, Servers + Servlets + JSP, ORM, Web-frameworks, Web-services (SOAP, REST), Maven, Tomcat) as I acquire this very experience. Those who love to travel on the Internet can follow this link in search of all the books mentioned in this article. And if you are asked for your password, don’t say Der Parol, say javarushvorever. Good luck in learning Java and everyone, everyone, everyone! Sincerely, Green Frog (level 14).