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Lenar Khabibullin
Level 23

Requiem for a Dream

Published in the Random EN group
I am 34 years old. Soon it will be a year since I have been working as a developer. I solve complex and interesting problems, learn from experienced colleagues. As soon as I played my first game on PC, I realized that I already wanted to be a programmer. I tried to study on my own. But life in the village, the lack of good teachers and Google pushed this far into the future. Even at university I didn’t master this. My box was full, but there were enough drops to spill over and let my imagination run wild. I was working as a drilling engineer when I started learning JavaRush. I solved and solved problems. And at night he asked Allah for knowledge and good memory. Very motivating videos and articles from the Success Stories group helped me. Somewhere at level 13 I read Was a builder, became a programmer and began to study SQL in parallel. At level 18, I started looking for Java developer vacancies on But he didn’t respond, but went to the site and looked at the test tasks. Sometimes I would just call and ask for assignments, saying that I was a student and would like to try to solve their problems for myself. And to my surprise, my knowledge of JavaRush was enough for most of these tasks. Then I took courses on the Spring Framework at IT-Park . You can study everything yourself, but I didn’t have time. Then I started going for interviews. Oh, those HRs. Sometimes they don't even know what they are asking. Solved assignments and tests. I stumbled, got up and started again. And here I am, doing what I love. Good luck to everyone and don't waste your time!