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Video weekend #2: freelancing in Java, how to find a job in Israel, interview questions, guide to writing a Telegram bot

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Video weekend #2: freelancing in Java, how to find a job in Israel, interview questions, guide to writing a Telegram bot - 1

“Is there freelancing in Java?”

Is it possible to find freelance work in Java? If you are interested in the answer to this question, do not miss the video with the report of Belarusian web developer Alexey Dubrov. In it, the author discusses the features of the modern freelance market and remote development in Java. A separate part of the speech is devoted to where it is better to look for customers for Java projects. Alexey also evaluates common stereotypes associated with freelance work. The speaker talks about the most popular job search services for Java developers of various skill levels and gives his own recommendations for writing and posting a resume.

“Looking for a job as a Java programmer in Israel”

A very interesting video in which the authors share their experience of finding work in Israel as a Java programmer and the features of the local labor market. After watching this video, you will receive comprehensive answers about what services you need to use to search for IT vacancies in Israel, how interviews go when trying to get a job as a Java developer, and how to overcome the language barrier with colleagues. In addition, the authors of the video talked about the difficulties that can be expected when finding a job in Israel, and about the specifics of life in this country.

“Interview for a developer. What are they asking? How should I behave?

The girl who recorded this video shares her own experience of conducting interviews with software developers. Here you will find out which questions are most common among HR specialists, and what a beginner needs to pay special attention to, in addition to the technical side of the test task. The author of the video gives advice on how to behave in order to make a good impression on company representatives during an interview, and what questions you should be prepared for so that you are not taken by surprise.

“How to create a Telegram bot in Java”

If you've been using Telegram for a long time, you're probably familiar with chatbots - convenient and uncomplicated programs that can be configured to process orders, accept payments, or answer frequently asked questions. The video presented to your attention tells how chatbots for Telegram are created using Java. The author of the video shares not only a detailed tutorial for writing it, but also the finished code posted on GitHub. You can download it from the link below the video.
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