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Knowledge for solving current problems

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Hello. I have been studying CodeGym for 3.5 years and still do not work as a developer. What went wrong? My name is Sergey, since 2006 I have been working in sales: mortgages, car loans, loans, banking products, since 2011 I have been selling only investment products. Even before university, I formulated what I want to do: "Work with successful people .And so it happened: 6 years after graduating from the university - "Manager for working with VIP clients" in the largest private Russian bank. Talking about investments, learning from clients yourself is unrealistically cool. The feeling of pleasure from achieving the goal lasts to this day, but over time, one question began to visit “What's next, what is the next goal?”. There was no answer. Prospects, of course, were: the head of the department, deputy. bank branch manager, bank branch manager, but something always stopped. I felt that this was not mine, I did not see my future there, and in terms of money, my position was many times more profitable. When I started working in an investment company, one of the tasks was to attract new clients. What options? Cold calls, conferences, old clients, their acquaintances. Specialized in bonds, made portfolios. Faced a problem. There is no good, free source of information on Eurobonds and their main parameters: maturities, coupons, yields, no reviews, news, collections. There were only 2: one paid, the second curve. Decided to make my own, started exploring options, stumbled upon WordPress. It turned out to be a great option for writing articles, reviews. I had to tinker with the parameters of bonds, I decided to make it a table with advanced search, sorting filters. The data was found on a German stock exchange. And every morning I updated the table with pens. It took me 2 weeks, I don't like routine. I found, bought a universal parser, figured it out in a week, set it up, launched it - voila, quotes auto-update works. He wrote reviews, news almost daily, he studied at the same time, it helped a lot in sales when communicating with people. Six months later, no ads, SEO, news almost daily, he studied at the same time, it helped a lot in sales when communicating with people. Six months later, no ads, SEO, news almost daily, he studied at the same time, it helped a lot in sales when communicating with people. Six months later, no ads, SEO,entered TOP-3 in Yandex for the query "Eurobond quotes", TOP-5 in Googlefor the same request. Surprised by our marketing)) That, in fact, is the first acquaintance with IT, it's interesting. In the fall of 2016, for some reason, everyone in the office became obsessed with learning English. I have already gone through this more than once: if you do not apply knowledge, you forget, studying turns into a waste of time. I did not refuse to master another international language; for practical purposes, this could be a programming language. I started looking for options. I don’t remember why, I settled on Java, and only later found out that it is one of the most popular. For a whole month, learning turned out spontaneously, not interesting: what I found, I read, watched videos with minimal practice. There was no plan. In the second month, I stumbled upon CodeGym and captured it. A minimum of theory, a lot of practice. What you need! Almost every evening for 1-2 hours excitedly. I don't even remember what level I got to. but after 3 months decided to put the knowledge into practice. By that time, at work, they set the task of passing the exam for the certificate of a financial adviser, and these are 2 exams, a total of 3300 questions and tasks. At that time, there was only a scanned pdf of 300 pages from the materials with the correct answers highlighted in bold. It is unrealistic to read from a computer, it is generally impossible to read from a phone, the search does not work. Well, I translated from pdf to word through an online service, it's already better. I learned that under Android they write in Java. I decided to make a small simulator where I will simply flip through questions with answers and choose an answer with a true / false check. 3 days fiddling with View. Did. It was heaven and earth. Preparation for the exam has accelerated at times. I prepared and passed in a month, instead of 3, like other colleagues. I showed it to my colleagues, they offered to put it in the Play Market.FFMS Basic Exam (Google Play)). Still spent my personal time. How nice it was to see that the annual CodeGym paid off in a month. The application captured me, I even stopped taking courses on CodeGym, studied everything in practice, in 6 months I made a fully functional application, with search, chat, a real exam emulator, redesigned the design to the principles of material design. Every month, 12-15 thousand rubles came, cool. At the same time, I learned about Spring and decided to implement a long-standing idea of ​​stock trading. Dashboard to analyze your trading system. How I used to trade stocks without him, I still remember with anxiety. The office started on duty, by default they put me in charge of lists. It took me 2 weeks of manual filling in Excel - I don’t like routine. I wrote a telegram bot, and now the employees themselves assigned their own shifts, changed the dates of duty, the bot reminded the employee to be on duty. They are still using it. I made another bot for myself for convenience: the bot kept portfolios of clients. He showed the dynamics of assets, sent a beautiful picture of the portfolio of the selected client. Colleagues asked them to add, I added, for free. They are still using it. Naturally, I showed my achievements at work, agreed to post information about the simulator on the corporate portal, gave discounts for employees, HR of the company (well, at least not SB) became interested in me. At that time, a lot of work was going on to transform the company into digital. I was offered the position of IT Project Manager. It sounded good even without subordinates. 1.5 years have passed since the beginning of the study of a "foreign" language. After I made a simulator for preparing for the exam, colleagues constantly contacted me, asking when I would do it on iOS. By that time, the demand for the exam had grown many times, 25-30 thousand rubles came from Google per month. Well, I took up iOS, fortunately, there were a lot of developers in the new position, and they suggested in which direction to study in order to make this or that feature. It took exactly 3 weeks to master a new language, again I had to tinker with View. Posted in the App Store (FFMS Basic Exam (App Store)), for an incomplete first month +42 thousand only with iOS. +77. thousand including Android, the second month - +62 thousand, the third - +120 thousand, the fourth - +140 thousand. Not bad. But there was a problem. The exam was canceled last summer, and since that time income has returned by 15-20 thousand. All the same, they still buy, they say, for general development. Well, in general, + 900 thousand for 3 years, without much strain, I think a good result. From time to time I thought about what else to do useful. Exactly! English training simulator. I found the contacts of my English teacher, he has his own teaching methodology and a simulator site. Scored, offered to make a simulator on a mobile platform. Just in time: he just ran into a problem, many are switching to learning from mobile devices, and the site was not suitable for mobile, as it was written in flash technology. Agreed on the terms in one evening. Started doing. In total, without straining in my free time, it took 2 months for the design, backend development of iOS and Android. (QS English (App Store) ) ( QS English (Google Play) ) Backend (java), Android, iOS mastered, we must move on, it's interesting. At the end of the summer of 2019, a task arrived from the authorities to partner with We met with them, they said we don’t want to make a separate application for stock trading, integrate into VK, VK Mini Apps is now actively developing there. Well, let's try. Unfortunately, there were no resources in the company, a ReactJS developer was needed, they didn’t keep such people. I decided to try to study the issue on my own in my free time. Exactly 3 weeks to master the ReactJS library and the mini application was ready for production ( BCS investment world) with a small set of features, mainly financial news, quotes, investment ideas, educational stories. And it took another 2 months to polish everything, added a fludilka for stocks, user forecasts, a vote for investment ideas. I didn’t become a developer, but I solve everyday tasks with the help of my knowledge in development, it’s easier for me to set tasks for colleagues, estimate work time, and help do analytics. I continue to communicate with successful people, I consider developers to be successful people, they do what they want, not everyone can boast of such. In the company, I am responsible for the key process, I communicate with TOPs, I study. Here is my story. Good luck to everyone, set goals, achieve them. By the way, if anyone is interested, I am 36 years old. PS I remembered about the site with Eurobonds six months ago, when I received a reminder about paying for hosting. I went to check the quotes, relevant. There are no news updates, no articles, no one to write to. Decided to close, closed. By the way, in connection with recent events, everyone switched to dedicated work, I decided to return to CodeGym. I see it's still level 30. Apparently the goal is not to go through all the levels, but to gain knowledge of which will be enough to solve current problems.