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Video weekend #19. Recording a test interview for a Java developer, two views on multithreading in Java, how to find a job if you are a Junior

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Recording a test interview for a Java developer

The first job is one of the most difficult stages of a developer's career. It's no secret that many newcomers experience emotional stress during an interview, similar to a university exam. If you have not yet had experience of passing a professional interview for a junior developer position, then you will probably be interested in watching a video of one of these interviews. Aspiring Java developer Igor answers questions from potential employer Evgeniy. Before trying to get a job, he studied Java Core and related technologies for a year and a half.

Project Loom. Asynchronous multithreading in Java 15

It is expected that Project Loom, a new technology for implementing multithreading and asynchrony in Java, will first appear in preview format in JDK 15. A stable version should be expected even later - in JDK 17, in the fall of 2021. In the video presented here, the author tried to understand in as much detail as possible what Project Loom is and what advantages this technology provides to Java developers. If you're interested in speeding up your workflow and want to get up close and personal with the latest innovations in the Java language, don't miss this video.

How to find a job if you are a junior developer

What should you include in your resume first and foremost, and what should you keep silent about? Why is it necessary to include your GitHub profile in your portfolio? What is better: using a template or manually writing a job application? Irina, a junior interface developer at one of the software companies, shares her own experience of finding employment as a junior. Despite the fact that the girl writes in JavaScript and not Java, her advice will be useful to any beginner, regardless of what programming language he is learning.

Java. Multithreading

Another video on the topic of multithreading in Java, but this time without Project Loom. In this webinar, you will learn how to use the Thread class to properly allocate and run multiple threads in a single process, depending on the workload and project requirements. Thanks to the fact that the author comments on his actions in real time, after watching this video any junior will be able to master the skills of working in multi-threading mode.