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Video weekend #27. We find out why IT courses are better than university ones, study ultra-low latency in microservices and automate work with the Instagram API

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Microservices responsible for a few microseconds - friends and enemies

Request processing speed is one of the most important factors in software quality. If you want to know what ultra-low latency is in microservices and how to achieve it, we recommend a video report by Java developer Dmitry Pisklov. After watching this video, you will become familiar with what factors influence delays in the operation of microservices, and how you can minimize their negative impact at the application, JVM, operating system, chipset and processor levels. The speaker paid special attention to such issues as thread affinity, processor isolation, the influence of processor cores on each other, shared memory and other technologies.

Inheritance in Java: How subclass and superclass constructors are related

You are probably already familiar with inheritance in Java, because without it, object-oriented programming is impossible. This video is devoted to one of the methods of inheritance - creating an object from a subclass using the superclass constructor. You will also learn which of the superclass constructors is better to use in subclass constructors. Practical examples are shown in the IntelliJ IDEA development environment.

Programmer from Yandex without a diploma. Why are IT courses better than university?

We bring to your attention an interesting discussion about whether a higher education diploma is needed when looking for a job in the IT industry. Web developer from London Stacy Gaplewski discusses this topical issue for many with her interlocutor Ella, a backend programmer from the Moscow office of Yandex. Both girls share stories of their studies and employment, defending their own point of view on whether programmers need a university, or whether it is enough to limit themselves to IT courses.

[Java] Instagram API

Is it possible to automate the Instagram API using Java? Of course yes, but only if you are familiar with the Instagram4J library. Delayed publication of posts, processing of messages, comments and many other useful functions. You can rest assured that Instagram4J can take care of all this. In the video that you are about to watch, blogger and Java developer Boris Bochkarev demonstrates working with the Instagram4J library, accompanying his story with detailed explanations and practical examples. In the description under the video you can find links to the library and sources from the video.