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Video weekend #37. We analyze the problem of employing juniors, study the basics of deploying applications in Kubernetes and watch an interview with a psychologist about solving the emotional problems of IT specialists

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Why can't I find my first job as a programmer?

Everyone knows that in order to gain experience, you need work. But here’s the problem: getting a job without experience is not easy. And it’s even more difficult for a novice programmer to break this vicious circle. After all, here, unlike many other specialties, a university diploma does not provide much help. And in most cases, a beginner has only a portfolio of a couple of applications behind him. If you are an aspiring developer and are concerned about finding a job, then this video will probably interest you. The author of the video explains what external and personal circumstances, in addition to practical experience, can have a positive impact on the employer’s decision. As an example, the blogger cites his own experience of successful retraining from an accountant to a programmer.

Java Pipe. Application Deployment Basics on Kubernetes

It’s hard to imagine modern Java development without containerized applications. Over the past 5 years, the system for automating the deployment, scaling and management of Kubernetes containers has become widespread in a variety of IT areas: from mobile applications to cloud services. If you have not yet started studying Kubernetes, but want to have an idea about this technology and how a Java application is deployed in a microservices environment, do not miss Mikhail Rovnyagin’s lecture. Since it focuses on the basics of the Kubernetes architecture, its content will be understandable to any beginner.

Burnout, emotional intelligence, impostor syndrome. Interview with an IT psychologist

The problem of burnout is relevant for most professions. And programmers are no exception. Intense workload or encountering any difficulties can lead to a person abandoning previously planned plans or changing them in the direction of least resistance. How to deal with emotional and psychological problems in IT? The answer to this and many other questions is given by coach, psychologist and consultant Vasily Pron. After watching an interview with him, you will find out whether an IT specialist needs to develop emotional intelligence, how to deal with imposter syndrome and how to work on yourself to achieve success. The video lasts approximately 2.5 hours, but there is a timeline in the description under the video, so you can start watching with the questions that interest you most.

Stop being a jun!

YouTube blogger Artem Dimitrov is confident that a novice programmer looking for a job does not necessarily need to include the prefix “junior” in his resume. The creator of the video substantiates his opinion with personal experience. An applicant who deliberately downplays his qualifications and level of knowledge has a significantly lower chance of getting an interview. Moreover: some employers do not even read such resumes to the end. On the other hand, Artem does not encourage newcomers to deceive employers by attributing non-existent merits to themselves. If you are interested in the question of how to maintain the right balance between professional level and its description in a resume, we recommend that you pay attention to this video.