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Video weekend #42. We find out how many hours a day a programmer should work, analyze the size of salaries in the UK and learn how to properly review code

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7 tips for beginner programmers

At the start of their careers, many novice developers make mistakes that, in fact, they could have avoided. Moreover, this applies not only to writing code or some other technical issues, but also to the process of learning and finding a job. Programmer and blogger Nikita Kabardin has prepared 7 tips that he considers most useful for beginners. You may have already heard some of them somewhere before, but the rest of the recommendations will probably surprise you.

Rules for a good code review / Code review

Most likely, your main focus right now is theory and programming skills. But rest assured: you cannot avoid another important component of your future work. As you already understand from the title of the video, we are talking about code review. The host of the Senior Software Vlogger channel decided to look in detail at the issue of how to properly review code. In what cases should this be done manually, and when this process can be automated. And of course, you will learn what you need to pay attention to during the review first of all.

How many hours a day does a programmer work?

Not every job will require you to perform a standard 8-hour workload. Especially if you are a coder and work remotely. By being able to create the most convenient work schedule for yourself, you can avoid burnout and a whole host of other problems. However, it’s worth immediately taking into account that this scenario does not work if you get a full-time job in an office. Much also depends on what requirements the employer places on the programmer. By watching the latest video from Mikhail Flenov’s YouTube channel, you will find out how many hours a day a programmer usually works. And although the video focuses on stories from the author’s personal experience, it still gives a good idea of ​​​​what a coder can expect in terms of workload after employment.

Salaries and expenses of programmers in the UK

As you know, Great Britain is one of the most attractive countries for immigration. At the same time, software developers do not often mention Albion as a potential target for relocation. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that England has a high cost of living. Especially if you live in London. Are the stereotypes about the high cost of living in Britain true? After all, local programmers, including foreigners working in London IT companies, also earn a lot. You can find out the answer to this question by watching the video of YouTube blogger Ave Coder.
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