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JavaRush News (11/14/2017)

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Friends! Another update has arrived. We are constantly working to improve the course and try to take into account all your wishes. This time the changes are not too noticeable for users; they relate more to the internal architecture of the project.
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However, there are a few fixes that we are willing to share with you:
  • Now, if you can't solve a problem and ask for help using the "ask a question" menu, you can choose whether or not to link your solution to the question.
  • Fixed cursor display in WebIDE for Mac.
  • Fixed errors in tasks: task1701, task3105, task2211, task1607, task1011, task1922, task1925, task3105, task1011, task2002, task3008(18), task1805, task3008(10), task0904, task1518, task2002, task3410(16), task020 2, task0507, task1312, task2412, task1905, task0929, task0602, task1607;
  • Improved notification and comment system.
Further is better. Stay with us.
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