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New quest Harvard CS50 and why take it?

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Friends! We have great news: we have published the Harvard CS50 super course on JavaRush. This is a full-time Harvard University course on the fundamentals of programming and computer science.
New quest Harvard CS50 and why take it?  - 1
If you are accustomed to the formula: “face-to-face course = boredom * excessive academicism,” then we can assure you that it does not work with CS50. The fascination of Professor Malan’s lectures could be the envy of another series! Harvard University decided to make lectures and assignments open. This became possible thanks to the Internet and CS50 became the most popular course in the world…. But not in countries where the level of English still leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the JavaRush team, together with the translation studio Vert Dider, initiated the translation of lectures and course assignments.

What you study at CS50

  • Fundamentals of computer science and programming. Number systems, working with the command line in Linux, loops, conditional jumps and other joys.
  • Concepts of algorithms and algorithmic thinking. You will learn about what problems can be solved using programming and how. David Malan will talk about binary search, which is simple in essence, but very effective and requires careful implementation, right away, right at the zero lecture. And then try to forget the scene with the tearing of the telephone directory, and with it the knowledge gained! In general, the course covers all the basic algorithms that “IT specialists” need to know and understand.
  • Concepts of abstraction, data structure, encapsulation, memory management. Fundamentals of computer security. Software development process and web development.
  • Basics of the C programming language and the visual language Scratch. Actually, students do all the main examples and assignments in C.
  • Database and SQL Basics.
  • Web Development: Basics of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP. Naturally, only the very basics.
In short, the CS50 is suitable for anyone who decides to get involved in technology - from enthusiastic schoolchildren to seasoned defectors from other professions. It’s no wonder that CS50 has become the most popular IT course in the world. It is presented in Russian for the first time. Plus, it's free. So we highly recommend: take advantage of the situation and study at Harvard without leaving home! PS: Completing JavaRush and CS50 at the same time provides excellent industry immersion and will be great for your future in IT.