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From automotive to programmers

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For a long time I wanted to write a success story, but I was waiting for the probationary period to end :) I’ll start from the very beginning, school - I didn’t really like studying at school, maybe it was the difficult 90s, maybe the breakup of the family, who once told me that childhood is over. Maybe not the best team, misunderstanding and disrespect in it, maybe a misunderstanding of what I want, what I strive for. After the 9th grade, I was looking for where to go to study further. I remember it now: the wind in my head, complete indifference to the future, but what I was already interested in then was computers, which were not yet in every family, well, or so I thought then :) I passed the entrance exams for the direction, something related to COMPUTER. Now I don’t remember the exact name, but it’s not the essence: I didn’t have enough points in the end, and I entered metalworking. He left with the education of a turner, a milling machine operator and a mechanical engineering technologist, he studied, quite well, he communicated with computers like you, but as a user. In the direction of programming, I had the basic concepts of Pascal at school. What do we have next? Then I could enter the institute for robotics immediately for the 2nd year, but there was no money. I don’t remember the exact amount required, but in the end I entered for a customs officerwith the cost of training several times lower than for robotics. Yes, at that time it was the main factor in choosing the profession for which I entered to study. What about work? I went to the labor exchange, I saw the first ad I came across - a sales assistant in the department of automotive parts. Came there, asked a couple of questions, such as where this gasket is installed. I had no idea: I look at it, I see metal rings around some holes, I say, probably, where the temperatures are high, since there is a metal edging. Yes, they answer me: this is a cylinder head gasket - we take it. Thus began my career, but alas, not in the area that was generally interesting to me. So I worked in this area from 2005 to 2020, thinking that since I didn’t study for the profession I wanted - in the field of IT, then, alas, the path there was closed to me. To get there you need to study at the institute for many years, I thought then, until in 2019 my son was born and six months later my friends came to visit my wife (we will return to this moment soon). In 2019, I was 32 years old, at work I was a specialist: I trained staff, advised people, spoke on "our radio". It seems to be here it is, happiness, maybe someone will think. But that was not it: I went with the flow starting from the decision when I gave up, not going where I wanted to. Then everything went on and I thought: I went with the flow starting from the decision when I gave up, not going where I wanted to. Then everything went on and I thought: I went with the flow starting from the decision when I gave up, not going where I wanted to. Then everything went on and I thought:"whatever is done, everything is for the best". But these were justifications to myself: I only found reasons, or rather, excuses, why I did nothing on the way to what I really want. Going with the flow is probably not the worst option. But after a while, I can say that he is one of the worst, at least I think so now, having analyzed my life step by step, every decision made and not made. So, then I began to wonder why I have been doing this for many years, do I even need it? Who will I be in 10 years? And I didn’t have answers to these questions that would convince me that yes, this is mine, I always want to do this, every beginning of the working day is happiness and the like. Maybe it started a mid-life crisis?)) Perhaps this. But let's get back to the situation that I mentioned earlier. By that time, I had never done programming and did not teach it - a few conditional classes at school do not count :) My wife's friends came, and in the process of communication, one of them began to complain about how bad everything was: she could not find a job that she would like , no one immediately gives her a high position, she has changed about 10 jobs over the past couple of months. I told her: yes, you work for at least six months, show yourself, there will be career growth, for more than 10 years I have not been doing what I would like. And at that moment it clicked in my head: as if I had not understood anything in my life before. And then he said these things aloud and realized: stop, why have I been constantly putting barriers to myself since I was young? First points, then tuition fees, and so on all the time. These barriers are only in my head: why can't I do what what do i want? Why do I have to graduate from an institute with a specialized education in order to work? After all, I once said all this to myself. At that moment, I just realized, and I realized sharply, clearly, without thinking or any other analysis:I have to go to my goal, I want to work in this area . It was the middle of November 2019. The very next day I started googling what I should start learning. I do not remember my request, but the very first link was about Java. No, it was not CodeGym)) It was a description of the language, its advantages, its scope. I remember being so inspired while reading that article and deciding: yes, I will learn Java. Later, after googling about Java, I stumbled upon this resource. I liked the introductory lectures that I went through, and then it so coincided that the action had just begun. Then I made a decision - I will study. And on November 23, 2019, having purchased an annual subscription, about 6000 rubles, I began the path to my goal, dream, what I am ready to do, which is interesting to me, and every day at work is just happiness, and not like before - "well , it's Monday again. But more on that later. StudiesIt was not easy for me, I will not deceive. Looking ahead, I will say frankly, throw tomatoes)) I wanted to quit about 5 times. I'll tell you what I especially remember, I don't remember what level, Person person = new Person(). What is this design, what does it mean, what is going on here? At that time I couldn’t understand, I didn’t have enough of the lectures that are given here, and I already understand now that I didn’t know how to google. I did not understand what to look for, I was just at a dead end. It turned out that among all the friends in VK and the friends of my friends there are no familiar programmers. None at all, does it happen at all?))) Then it was the first time, the first time when I thought that maybe it's not mine, maybe I "do not have enough brainsI was helped by a video on YouTube, which one - I don’t even remember. But I understood exactly that explanation, and my puzzle finally took shape, as if some kind of bunch of different parts on the floor suddenly formed into a certain design, which immediately became clear and understandablehow nice it is to fight over the issue and then solve it. For me, this is comparable to how to drive hundreds or thousands of kilometers in order to see just one sunset, look at it for 30 minutes and drive back. Someone will say: "Yes, this is madness, nonsense!". Well, personally, such moments give me an understanding that I am alive, they really bring me such pleasant sensations . That was the first time I encountered difficulties, although I had no illusions. I assumed that I would have to face them, but as it turned out, I was not quite ready psychologically. I studied further, discovered the "Success Stories" section for myself, and after reading some of them I realized that I was not alone in facing difficulties. At that moment, these articles helped me, I believed in myself. But after that time there was some kind of self-doubt, they helped to cope with it, especially to become,Danil. In the process of learning, the theory obtained on this resource was sorely lacking. Then, after each topic, I read Shield on the same topic, googled various articles on the Internet, the understanding of the topic was already broader. But the tasks are, of course, the bomb here: there were tasks that I sat on for more than one day, fell asleep with thoughts on how to solve it. A couple of times I even dreamed about the solution, no joke, at the first levels I spied on the solutions of others, but quickly realized that I didn’t have such knowledge. As other people have written, the brain has to start thinking differently, it has to come by itself, and by looking at the solution it will never come. Then I never saw a solution anywhere, although it is possible that this eventually increased the training period. But over time, various algorithms for solving the problem and their implementation already appeared in my head. If I couldn’t solve a problem for a very long time, I skipped it, if I couldn’t solve it later, I already wrote to the help section, where more experienced colleagues directed me on the path, but did not give a solution, which is very good. I used to sit down at a task, raise my eyes, and several hours had already passed, so I was dragging myself into the solution :) it would be like"Read 10 books on how to ride a bike, be a PhD at it, but get behind the wheel for the first time and fall"theory without practice is not effective, and vice versa - it should always be paired. At the beginning of March 2020, I was about lvl 15, I don’t remember exactly. I saw an ad on from perfomancelab about an internship, responded, and sent a test. Damn, these tasks made my brain stir)) Enter the four coordinates of the quadrilateral and the fifth coordinate, find out if the fifth coordinate lies inside / outside / on the side / on the corner of this figure? Then I studied the textbook on geometry for a long time :) See solutions? For me, this was unacceptable: I wanted to do it myself, even with the help of a textbook, but to find the solution myself, for me it was important. There was also a problem with cash desks and a queue for them, a bank. I received the tasks on Friday afternoon, started solving them after work in the evening, passed everything on the weekend. It was not easy, there was no feedback, although I asked, reminded. Also, as well as internship invitations. By the end of March, the well-known pandemic happened, I was about 20 lvl + -, and I was transferred to a remote location. Ohh, how glad I was :) then I decided to learn SQL, devoting 10-20% of the time to Java, downloaded a 50 hour course. After graduating from it, he fixed it with practice on sql-ex. It was already May, by that time I was lvl 24. By the way, I decided that I should go through such basic things as equals and hashCode, this is the basis, the base. Then I decided to start learning git, maven, jdbc, and try spring. I posted my resume back in April, periodically updating it, but there were no responses. Watching videos on YouTube and copying some programs I considered a stupid exercise. I think so now: it will not bring knowledge, understanding, just change the requirements - and a similar task can no longer be written, and even it will hardly be possible to repeat it. Let's be honest: everyone is different, Everyone’s approach is different, so I’ll say right away - this is purely my personal opinion. It may differ from your opinion. Try different approaches always: I talk only about myself and only about my perception. Time passed, and I began to realize that I was marking time. I study something, but the knowledge that I get is a very subjective level, and the understanding of what else needs to be studied is very blurry. I added to my resume that I was ready for an internship, ready for the evenings, just take me: I wanted to get a job, I did not want to give up, give up and go with the flow again. In August 2020, I see an internship announcement. I am told that before the internship you need to take courses: for courses, I note again, only to get to the courses, you need to do a test task and pass technical security, and only then they will decide who to invite to the courses, not to work :) I understand , this is a chance: no chance should ever be missed. For myself, I have already decided this firmly. I say that of course I agree. I do a test send, after a while they assign social security, questions about the hashmap, and everything connected with it, some basic questions on the bark, and then they ask me, on what topic do you want to get more questions? I think to myself: I know such and such things well, but I know multithreading worse, so I say straight out that I know multithreading worse, let's ask questions about it. Why did I say so? Well, unless at least one normal person will offer a topic that can easily fill him up? And I was aware of this, I don’t know why I said that, I just spoke as I think, I didn’t answer all the questions correctly, they said they would give an answer later. Expectation, ignorance, hopes and dreams built in the head, only complicate this expectation. As a result, feedback - I was selected for the courses. There were about 50 applicants, 10 people were selected. Oh, happiness knew no bounds - it was a big and important step for me, I was so happy, as if I had received an offer :) Each time I only received confirmation of my conviction: everything depends only on ourselves, not on anyone else. Only we ourselves build our own destiny, and if you want something, really want it, strongly, understand that no one will ever make you change your mind, then you will always come to the goal. So. Immediately after that, I came down with the "crown". In my 30-something years, I have never been so seriously ill, I don’t want to focus on this, but before the courses I recovered, my thoughts were only about this. The courses started in September. I remember at the first lesson the teacher said: "Not all of you will finish these courses." I asked him why? He replied, that he does not know, but these courses are not the first, and not all of them complete them. Someone decides that he does not want to, cannot, and there are other reasons. It was strange for me, I answered: "Well, since we are all sitting in this room, it means that we all have an understanding of what we want and will go towards this goal." “Oh, if everyone thought like you,” he answered me then. What were the courses? Twice a week classes, each lesson is given a new topic, an introductory immersion. In fact, it turned out that this is a hadron collider, electrons run in it at such and such a speed, and here it happens like this ... You hear everything like that, but the puzzle does not add up. You hear most of the words and a brief description of it for the first time, and you are told to make a project with such and such functionality and that this technology be screwed to it and fully function in this way. Do it before the next lesson .... and now you have 2-4 days after the main work. At first, I understood the "issued" technology, what it is for, approximately how it works. Then I added it to the project, understood how it works, tested it, googled it, studied it. And so for two months. In fact, all the knowledge was acquired independently, the understanding of deadlines came, it was very difficult, but I was interested, I liked it. Throughout the project, I always proceeded from the fact that it will be used by many people. I have always tried to do what is right and not what is wrong, but it works as requested with these conditions, but it no longer works with others ... Before submitting the final work on Sunday, started doing it on saturday, but the audit table only worked if spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=create, spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=none or validate didn't already work. But the option with create is a bad practice, this is how articles were written in Google, but I do it right, and not how it will work just for the sake of offset. So without sleeping, finally on Sunday morning I found a problem, oh, these constraints :) I did it, passed it, went to bed. Then waiting for feedback .... And here is the answer: you need to go through social security with the project director. I have never had such social security... As I was later told, it was a stress interview. Waiting again, and now, after about a week so they wrote articles in Google, but I do it right, and not how it will work just for the sake of offset. So without sleeping, finally on Sunday morning I found a problem, oh, these constraints :) I did it, passed it, went to bed. Then waiting for feedback .... And here is the answer: you need to go through social security with the project director. I have never had such social security... As I was later told, it was a stress interview. Waiting again, and now, after about a week so they wrote articles in Google, but I do it right, and not how it will work just for the sake of offset. So without sleeping, finally on Sunday morning I found a problem, oh, these constraints :) I did it, passed it, went to bed. Then waiting for feedback .... And here is the answer: you need to go through social security with the project director. I have never had such social security... As I was later told, it was a stress interview. Waiting again, and now, after about a weekthey send me an offer . What happiness it was: happiness that everything can be achieved if you want, arrange your life the way you want, do what you love. And it is real, it is real to change everything, even if you are not 20 years old, you have a small child and there is no time. So after all, everyone says: I have a child and there is no time ...)) And I always answer them, who does not want - is looking for excuses, who wants - is looking for opportunities. When I was studying at JR, I would come after work and spend time with my family, with my young son. When he and his wife fell asleep, at 21-22 o'clock, I started to study, studied until 1-2 o'clock in the morning, and not immediately, falling asleep in my head, I continued to solve problems. As they say, "I dived with my head", and in the morning at 7 woke up for work. And so every day without interruption. I didn’t get enough sleep, it was hard for me, but in order to get something, you need to sacrifice something. I donated my personal time. Even when we went somewhere to visit, I read books at least 3 hours a day. In total, I worked out for about 1000-1200 hours, and I reached the goal that I set for myself at that time. Now I have new goals, and I will go to them no matter what. I have never been an excellent student or even a drummer, I do not have a red diploma, there is only aspiration. In those courses, I learned the amount of information, it seems to me, much more than in the entire time of study before them. The first 3 months was a paid internship, the usual 40 hour week, on a real project with real tasks. Then 3 months trial period. Now six months have passed since I work in this organization, I like everything, it's just a fairy tale, every day at work for joy :) As one person said -"I can do it and you can if you want to!" ©
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