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Video weekend #94. We listen to a report about profiling Java applications, get acquainted with the useful habits of top coders, learn the whole truth about soft skills and discuss whether it is worth trading Silicon Valley for London

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IT's Java Tinkoff meetup

The Tinkoff Bank tech team recently held a meetup, during which two presentations were given for Java developers. The first of them was devoted to DSL, the second - to profiling Java applications. Experts from Tinkoff and Avito also talked about pair programming. You will learn how DSL (Domain Specific Language) is created and what it has to do with Java, what profiling of Java applications is.

Useful habits of top coders

What good habits set a successful developer apart from everyone else? The author of the YouTube channel Ave Koder shared his opinion on this matter. According to the blogger, having several useful habits in a developer will have a positive impact not only on his professional growth, but also on his quality of life in general.

The whole truth about soft skills

Deficiencies in personal qualities may be one of the reasons why an employer will not want to hire you. Even if you have completed the technical task and answered all the theoretical questions, the lack of “soft skills” necessary for team work may lead to the fact that you will never be offered a job. Do not forget that other candidates who have good leadership skills, teamwork and discipline may also apply for the same position with you. Is it possible to develop soft skills, and if so, how to do it? A video from the Moscow Programmers Club is dedicated to this very issue.

From the valley to London. Production Engineer at FAANG

Working for one of the IT companies included in the FAANG list (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) is the dream of many developers. But as it turns out, you don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to do this. Moreover, some programmers appear to move from California to London without stopping work on current projects. In today's video from the “Programmer-Emigrant TV” channel, you will learn the story of Vlad, a former resident of Saratov, who got a job in one of the FAANG companies, worked in Silicon Valley, but decided to move to London.