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Video Weekend #102. We listen to the story of a JavaRush graduate, study the algorithm for generating fractal noise, write a game in Java in 100 lines of code and evaluate our chances of finding a job in a Canadian IT company

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The path from scratch to the first offer (Java)

JavaRush graduate Maxim Panteleev shared his story of training and subsequent employment as a Java developer. In his video, the author examines pressing issues that every beginner usually faces when learning Java or another programming language. Maxim also spoke about how best to prepare for a technical interview, about his own job search methods, and what juniors should consider first.

Java. Fractal noise generation algorithm

Sergey Arkhipov dedicated his video to fractal noise and its scope of application in Java. After watching this video, you will learn about procedural image generation and understand the implementation of a simple fractal noise generation algorithm. Sergey will also talk about the bilinear interpolation algorithm, which is essential for implementing base noise.

Telegram bot game in JAVA in 100 lines

It turns out that writing a telegram bot with a game in the “rock-paper-scissors” style in Java is very simple. The entire code will take no more than a hundred lines. In addition, no database connection is required, all you need is the Telegram API library. In the description under the video there is a link to the source code of the project and a link to the library.

How can a programmer find a job in Canada?

The creator of the YouTube channel TheKrykun decided to share his opinion about the employment of programmers in Canada. Having experience in job search, the author reveals the key conditions for successfully receiving an offer from a Canadian IT company. If you want to know about your chances in Canada, whether June should try to find a job in this country, as well as other useful information, do not miss this video.