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Video Weekend #104. We write a web chat in pure Java, find out the results of the first three months of working as a junior, watch a Java meetup and repeat the cycles

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Web chat in pure Java (Vaadin)

Is it possible to write a web chat in Java without a single line of HTML, JS and CSS? It turns out that this task is quite real. Using the Spring and Vaadin frameworks, even a beginner can create a simple multi-user chat in the form of an SPA application in pure Java. If you want to learn how to implement all this in practice, be sure to watch the video posted on the letsCode YouTube channel. In the description below the video you will find a link to the chat source code on GitHub.

First 3 months as a Java developer - tasks, technology stack, impressions and plans

Three months ago, Alexander Nikiforov successfully passed an interview for the position of Junior Java Developer and got his first job as a developer. Today, three months after his first day at work, he decided to share his impressions of work. Alexander spoke in detail about the challenges he had to face during this time and about the technology stack used.

BCS Java Meetup with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation

An online meetup and round table was held on the Skolkovo Foundation channel with the participation of Java developers from BCS and Sber. Participants discussed application scaling and performance optimization, as well as an asynchronous backend on the JVM. The video lasts more than two hours, the meetup itself starts at 14:30. The event is intended for middle- and senior-level Java developers, but it may also be of interest to beginners.

JAVA. Loops for and for each. Looping Basics

Skills in working with control structures in the form of loops are one of the first stages in learning the Java language. In this video, you will learn or review what you already know about the most famous types of loops: for and for each.