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Bookmark: how to program on Android - articles, lectures and videos

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For the convenience of CodeGym students, we decided to collect lectures and articles on the most important topics in programming. The ninth selection is about Android development: theory, development tools, questions and answers for an interview for the position of Android developer. In the mini-guide, we briefly outline the essence of the articles, and if you follow the link, you can learn more about the topic of interest. Add a collection to your bookmarks and return to it when you need to. Bookmark: how to program on Android - articles, lectures and videos - 1

Articles and lectures

How Android works. Introduction for Java Developers

An introductory text for those who are just thinking about developing on Android. In this review, you will learn the basics of how Android works, without too much detail, but in sufficient detail. Just to understand if you are interested in developing on Android.

Interested in mobile development? Learn Java!

The text explains why, between Android and iOS, you should choose Android, and also why you need to know Java to program on Android.

Android developer: features of the profession, prospects, necessary skills and abilities

As the name implies, this text deals with the nuances of the Android developer profession. The benefits of this profession, salaries and tools used by Android programmers, as well as statistics on this area of ​​development - all this is analyzed in the text.

What a beginner Android developer should learn

An article for those who have already started learning Android development and think they can help in their future work. The author has compiled a small list of technologies that are worth learning - databases, Google Firebase, and so on.

Where to start learning Android development

A small list of technologies to start your journey into the world of Android development with. The author provides basic knowledge and skills that will definitely be needed. At the end of the text, the author gives advice on how to start a career in mobile development.

Why Android Development? From personal experience. Reasoning and facts

If you are one of those who have not yet decided where to apply Java knowledge, this article is for you. In this text, the author tells how he became an Android developer, explains why he considers this direction promising and shares tips for a successful start to a career as an Android developer.

Where can I work after learning Java? A guide to the world of developers for the greenest beginners

If you have just started learning Java or are still thinking about which programming language to learn, this text is also for you. It is much easier to find motivation when you know the end goal. Therefore, we talk about the four most popular areas in development (including Android) and suggest which technologies you need to master.

7 Frequently Asked Android Questions and Answers for Java Developers

This review is worth reading for those who are preparing for an interview for an Android developer position. The questions outlined in the text are often found in interviews for the position of intermediate and entry-level Android developers. They are simple in nature, and great for reviewing and practicing before going to an interview.

Complex lists are easy

If you have come across the topic of complex lists in Android, this text will help you understand it. All examples are written in Kotlin. The author left comments to make the examples as clear as possible for those who write in Java.

6 mistakes that prevent your mobile app from taking off

Developing a mobile app is not easy, from design and marketing to fixing bugs and releasing updates. Many novice developers often forget about the important moments of creation, which are beyond the direct writing of code. This article covers six common bugs that can ruin your application if you don't avoid them and do your best to prevent them.

Android OS version history

In order not only to learn programming, but also to understand the origins of Android, we recommend reading this text. This is an entertaining story of the creation of the operating system from 2003 to the present day.

5G, blockchain and IoT: the main trends in mobile development in 2020

This article talks about trends in the development of mobile applications and about the areas in which knowledge should be acquired now in order to remain a programmer in demand in mobile development for the coming years.


Why Developers Hate Android Studio

If you decide to commit your future to mobile development, you can't escape Android Studio, the most popular IDE for Android devices. In the video presented here, you can learn not only about the advantages, but also about the disadvantages of this software. Memory leaks, unexpected crashes, problems with logs, incorrect APK builds - it is better for a future developer to know about all this in advance. The video is also useful because its author reports both Android Studio problems and how to fix them.

Course "Programming for Android"

For the first acquaintance with Android, CodeGym has a free course created by Google specialists (owners of Android and all that is good in the IT world) for the Udacity platform . Due to numerous requests from CodeGym students, we have translated it into Russian. These are 10 free levels with lectures and practice modules. This course was created in 2016, but is still relevant for beginner programmers. Bookmark: how to program on Android - articles, lectures and videos - 2
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