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Video weekend #107. We speed up coding in IntelliJ IDEA, get acquainted with the Security Engineer profession and Java backend stack tools, analyze the features of the Spring Framework

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Write code quickly and easily with IntelliJ IDEA

How to write code quickly in IntelliJ IDEA? Artem Zaitsev, a Java developer from Naumen, shared his recommendations on this matter. Speaking on the JUG.EKB channel of the Yekaterinburg Java community, Artem talked about several customization techniques that will help coders work easier and faster in the IDE. The report is accompanied by a visual demonstration of the code.

Everything you were afraid to ask about Security Engineer?

Security Engineer - IT-specialists, without which no large company can do today. If you do not yet know what exactly Security Engineers do, or if you yourself plan to specialize in cybersecurity in the future, then you should pay attention to the interview of Vladislav from EPAM. You will learn which product lifecycle security specialists are involved in, what OWASP is, what vulnerabilities are most common, and which parts of software are usually the most vulnerable. In addition, you will learn useful tips for those who are going to become a Security Engineer.

Java backend stack overview (Git, SQL, Spring, Hibernate, etc.)

Novice Java developer Alexander Nikiforov decided to make a video with an overview of the Java backend stack. As the author himself explained, he wanted to tell other beginners “what is what in plain language”. Alexander describes in detail the purpose of each tool and service, its role in the development process and use cases.

Spring Framework for beginners. Bean scopes. ID and Alias

Spring Framework is one of the most popular frameworks for Java, which a professional developer cannot do without. And of course, questions related to the Spring Framework come up a lot in technical interviews. On the Jetbulb channel, Bean Naming in Spring was dismantled, various types of configuration: xml, java and annotations, their advantages and disadvantages. This is the fifth video in the Spring Framework series. See previous videos on the Jetbulb channel.
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