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Михаил Спирич
Level 41

From mechanics to Java developer at 30 years old!

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This is the story of how, at the age of 30, I changed my field of activity and became a Java developer. But let's start in order... Before I became a developer, I was thrown into different areas of activity. I managed to work as a repair and construction foreman at a granite quarry, as a repair and construction foreman at the Road Repair Service, and as a car mechanic. The latter, by the way, is as close as possible to my education, as I studied to become an engineer for the operation of road transport. After five years of working as a mechanic, I realized that this was not a job that I would like to do all my life, it became boring, there was no place to develop. It didn’t take me much time to decide on a new field, since IT is on everyone’s lips and everyone knows that developers are paid 100-500 thousand =) It took more time to decide on the language and courses. Since I continued to work, only online courses were suitable for me, and spending a lot of time looking for something worthwhile, I often came across advertisements for JAVARUSH, plus in one of the interviews on the ITBoroda channel (this is not an advertisement, but the channel is interesting) this resource was also mentioned and I decided to see what it was. To be honest, I was interested in the game form of presenting the material, and although my wife periodically chuckled that a 30-year-old almost two-meter guy was “pumping up” a robot, she supported my initiative. The training took 6 months, during which I was overcome by different emotions: either joy, from the fact that you finally solved the problem and understood how it works, then panic, when you don’t understand anything, and why is all this necessary?!? The training was not easy and took place mainly in the evenings and on weekends. In my free time at work, I read books on JAVA, which also brought clarity to some topics, since the course included more practice than theory. And now half a year has passed and Hurray, I’m at level 41! It would seem that I’ll make a resume, send it to several companies and that’s it, I’m a full-fledged developer, but no! For two months I had to send 10-15 responses a day to different companies, take test tasks with zero fit-back, participate in interviews with HR that did not bring any results... At that moment when I despaired of finding a job in this field, I was scheduled for a technical interview at one of the companies! And OH A MIRACLE, I was hired for the position of Trainee! At first I was assigned to an internal project, from which I learned a lot, and after 2 months I was assigned to a new interesting project from customers from Australia. After three months of the Trainee program, I was officially appointed Junior Java Developer, which I have been working for for 4 months already) The purpose of this mini article is to support guys who are studying or trying to find their first job, know this is possible! The main thing is not to despair! Thanks to JAVARUSH for a good knowledge base!