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Video Weekend #108. We discuss how not to lose motivation in learning, get acquainted with code style in Java, repeat the basics of OOP and analyze the differences between Java 11 and 17

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About motivation to study, how not to quit. Does a programmer need to know everything?

Video on a topic that is relevant for many beginners: how not to lose motivation to study. When faced with the first serious problems in the learning process, some, even quite capable, students stop learning programming, thereby depriving themselves of a very promising profession. Developer and consultant for IT companies Vyacheslav Bely talks about how to maintain motivation to study and not give up halfway. He will also answer questions from channel viewers. One of them concerns whether a programmer needs to “know everything”—to constantly expand his technology stack.

All about code style in Java. Code review and project analysis

Are you writing code that works? Great! But don't forget about the code style. If your Java code is cluttered, overly complex, or contains completely unnecessary pieces, it is unlikely to give you an advantage over other developers. Quite the opposite. Especially when it comes to technical specifications when applying for a job. This video talks about the coding style and the main mistakes that are made in this work. The author will also talk about how to beautifully program in Java.

OOP | Classes, inheritance and objects. In simple terms

If you have just started learning the Java language, you will be interested in Ruslan Shishmarev's video about object-oriented programming. It will help you better understand what classes, inheritance and objects are, how they work and what they are needed for. In addition, the video contains a lot of other useful information about OOP and its features.

Ivan Krylov - From 11 to 17 versions of Java

In the three years between releases 11 and 17, the Java language has undergone significant changes. And now, when every professional developer should plan the transition to Java 17, it's time to remember what exactly has changed in the syntax of the language, the JVM and platforms that are based on Java. A report from Ivan Krylov, one of the organizers of the JokerConf Java conference, will help with this.