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Video Weekend #110. We’ll find out how Deadlock works and whether it’s worth changing jobs in IT often, we’ll look at interview questions and answers for a Java developer, and we’ll learn about the fate of former juniors

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Java. Multithreading. How to arrange a Deadlock

Very often during an interview, Java developers are asked to write Deadlock or talk about why it is needed and how it works. In this video, Sergey Arkhipov will tell you what a Deadlock is and how to deliberately create a mutual lock on threads in the Java programming language. Anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of multithreading in Java will benefit from watching this video.

How often does an IT specialist need to change jobs?

Many software developers often change jobs, preferring higher salaries, bonuses and better prospects in another company. But is it worth abusing job changes for short-term gain? And won't this harm the future career of a programmer? Blogger Noukash will share his opinion on this matter with viewers today.

What do they ask during a Java developer interview? Questions and answers

This is a useful video with questions and answers from interviews for the Java Developer position. The author of the video prepared answers to the list of technical questions that he was asked before employment in an IT company. In the description under the video you will find not only a convenient time code for each question, but also links to a detailed answer.

Juniors two years later

In May 2019, 8 juniors sent the creator of the Senior Software Vlogger channel their stories of starting in programming. And now, two and a half years later, six of them spoke again about their careers: who they managed to become and how they are doing now. We hope that this video will give additional motivation to all those who still believe that it is very long and difficult for a beginner to grow to the middle.