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Video Weekend #111. Let's get acquainted with the Top 7 latest trends in Java, fight anxiety in IT, watch a test interview with a junior high school student and write notifications about new pull requests in Java

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Top 7 technology trends for Java back-end developers in 2022

What technologies and tools will be most in demand among Java developers in 2022? We decided to find out the answer to this question on the Minsk Java Community channel. After watching this video, you will learn why you need to switch to Java 17, what DevOps practices you need to learn, and what else backend development specialists should pay attention to.

How to overcome anxiety in IT and not burn out in the pursuit of knowledge and money

When faced with a difficult task, many developers experience a feeling of anxiety, fearing that they will not be able to cope with the responsibilities assigned to them. Something similar can arise due to the fear of not fitting into a new team, missing out on a large freelance order, and in a number of other situations. You can overcome the problem of anxiety in IT not only by improving your technical skills, but also by psychotraining. Blogger Doctor Cat will share his advice with viewers today.

Technical Interview Java Developer - Artem Nikulin

The authors of the Jetbulb channel filmed a slightly unusual test interview for the position of Junior Java Developer. The candidate who decided to test the level of his knowledge was an 11th grade high school student. Artem is studying the Java language on his own and believes that he has already reached a certain level that could classify him as a junior. You will find out if this is actually true by watching the video recording of the interview. It is also a good way for every newbie to determine their current level of knowledge.

GitHub desktop alerts

The topic of the latest video of the Let's Code channel was writing a browser notification about new pull requests on GitHub. It turns out that it is quite simple to write it in Java - just two libraries and a little knowledge of working in IntelliJ IDEA are enough. Well, of course, a detailed tutorial will help with this, where each action of the developer is shown with an explanation. Below the video is a link to the project code.