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Video weekend #113. We listen to the story of a former JavaRush student, improve the 5 most necessary soft skills, get acquainted with the Java training plan and expand our knowledge of Java Garbage Collector

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From physicist to Java programmers. Work at MTS and Sberbank

Thanks to the JavaRush online course, a graduate of the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University, Roman Ivanov, was able to successfully enter the profession of a Java developer. Now Roman has experience working in such large companies as MTS and Sberbank. Moreover, now he himself teaches the Java language to Sberbank employees. You can learn about how he managed to become a Java specialist and about his studies at JavaRush by watching Roman’s interview on the loftblog channel. Also in this video he will tell you what he had to face in his first job as a Java developer.

5 soft skills you need to download

The creator of the YouTube channel S0ER decided to highlight 5 soft skills that any programmer must improve, regardless of their professional level. For each skill, the author gives detailed recommendations with an explanation of how best to develop this skill and why it is so important. The video will be useful to anyone who would like to feel more confident in the development team.

How to become a Java Junior from scratch - Complete plan

The developer and author of the “Tube Pentium” channel decided to share his own method of teaching Java. The video describes technologies and tools that a beginner should pay maximum attention to. Of course, we didn’t forget about theory. After watching this video, you will learn which books and textbooks you should use to learn Java when it comes to learning the language on your own.

What is Java Garbage Collector. How does the garbage collector work in Java?

If you want to learn more deeply about the work of the garbage collector in Java, then watch the recording of the next meeting of the Mad Brains team. The speaker's report on Java Garbage Collector is accompanied by visual materials in the form of flowcharts and a demonstration of working in the IDE. We hope that after watching this video you will improve your knowledge about this part of the JVM.