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Video weekend #117. We learn to manage the flow of execution without exceptions, write a simple game in Java, learn about relocation of IT specialists and watch a test interview with a junior

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Java: Flow control without exceptions

Without the use of exceptions, Java code is better optimized because it becomes less resource-intensive and more performant. Therefore, a Java developer should avoid creating exception objects whenever possible. The author of the YouTube channel “Rural Javaist” explained how you can control the flow of execution without resorting to the use of exceptions. As an example, he chose the task of displaying product positions in an online store catalog.

Technical Interview Java Developer - Maxim Steblevsky

Maxim Steblevsky has been studying Java for about a year. During this time, he acquired a wealth of knowledge sufficient, in his opinion, for the position of Java Backend Developer. Maxim decided to test his technical skills and knowledge of theory in a test interview on the Jetbulb channel. There is a detailed timeline in the description under the video. This will allow you to select answers to the questions that interest you from the hour and a half interview.

How companies transport IT specialists

The relocation of IT specialists occurs not only privately, in connection with receiving an offer from a foreign employer, but also centrally - as a rule, in situations where a company wants to transfer the work of its office to another country. Belarusian developer Mikhail Larchenko, who has been living in the Netherlands for several years, decided to clarify in detail the process of relocation of IT specialists. You will learn what documents need to be prepared, what bonuses are given when moving, and other important details.

Master class on developing a desktop application in Java

If you want to practice developing a simple application in Java, the well-known game “tic-tac-toe” is quite suitable for this. Today the author of the YouTube channel “Data Center IT-Kub.Kaspiysk” will tell and show you how to write it using IntelliJ IDEA.