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Jobs for juniors in Kharkov

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If you want to become a programmer, start trying today! Kharkov companies regularly open vacancies for young specialists with minimum requirements for the candidate. Just grab and send your resume, maybe your knowledge is already enough? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the requirements and conditions for Junior Java developers in Kharkov.
Jobs for juniors in Kharkov - 1

Junior Java developer for NIX Solutions

NIX Solutions is looking for a competent specialist for the position of Junior Java Developer for Java development in the field of web and Enterprise technologies.
Jobs for juniors in Kharkov - 2
NIX Solutions is an IT company, software developer, IT management, consulting and IT support specialist. NIX Solutions headquarters in Kharkov.


  • you have a bright head, not spoiled by thoughts alien to programming, and an inquisitive mind;
  • while your friends were reading the news on VKontakte, you studied materials on OOP so diligently that you began to understand them;
  • you have read Eckel's "Philosophy of Java" to the end and still remember what happened at the beginning;
  • reached the level of a Jedi in the ability to use Google search;
  • navigate Internet technologies;
  • easy to read technical documentation in English;
  • know SQL, but prefer to use Hibernate
  • you want to embrace the immensity, grasp the elusive and comprehend Zen, so you learn Spring;
  • you are excellent at abstract thinking;
  • Ever since you learned to speak, you have impressed others with your extraordinary sense of humor;
  • you take all assignments responsibly.

And you're wondering:

  • become a member of a team that participates in the mission to transform an entire industry in technological, ideological and architectural aspects;
  • develop towards web technologies and Enterprise;
  • work in web projects;
  • understand what it’s like to be good people and cool developers rolled into one.
The company offers work in a good team, opportunities for professional growth and competitive remuneration. Link:

Junior Android Developer for Faifly

Faifly is looking for a talented developer to join its team. The company is ready to train, mentor and help in difficult situations.
Jobs for juniors in Kharkov - 3
Company specialization:
  • iOS, Android, Virtual Reality, Web development and Unity.


  • ability to use Google;
  • general understanding of how computer algorithms work;
  • mathematical thinking;
  • basic knowledge of Java and OOP;
  • English at the level of reading technical documentation.

Junior/trainee java developer for Aimprosoft

The Aimprosoft company is recruiting Junior Java Developers for training with a scholarship. Training lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on the initial level of the trainee. Those who pass it will be hired by the company.
Vacancies for juniors in Kharkov - 4
Training takes place in conditions that are as close as possible to working conditions - full-time in the company’s office next to the developers. During this period, it is necessary to complete a training project using the same tools/facilities as programmers.


  • knowledge of OOP, including OOP in relation to Java;
  • java.lang.Object;
  • working with strings;
  • working with Collection API and java.util;
  • Exception Handling;
  • working with Threads;
  • JDBC.

It will be a plus:

  • knowledge of Servlet API;
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Area of ​​study: Java, JavaScript, Liferay, Alfresco and other open source technologies. Link: