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What will please the new version of the JDK

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You probably remember that Java will be updated very frequently now . For better or worse, it is still unclear, one thing is clear: in order to be afloat, you need to monitor new opportunities and mentally prepare for them, especially if you plan to get a job in the near future.
What will please the new version of the JDK - 1
So, as of February 2018, Java Development Kit 10 is in the status of the RC version. And this means that the "ten" has already passed all the stages of complex testing, and all critical errors (theoretically) have already been identified and corrected.
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The official release of JDK 10 is expected in March, but in the meantime, developers can try out the beta version of JDK 10 Early-Access Builds . And here are the main changes expected in the new version of the JDK:
  • Deriving the type of local variables.
  • "Clean" garbage collector interface.
  • Parallel garbage collection for G1.
  • Enabling HotSpot to allocate heap memory to an alternative device, such as an NVDIMM.
  • JIT compiler in experimental mode on Linux/x64 platforms.
  • Consolidation of all JDK repositories into one.
  • Sharing application class data.
  • Providing a default set of root certificates.
  • Allocate a local thread to execute the callback.
  • Removing the javah tool from the JDK.
  • Additional Unicode extension for labels.
  • Platform versioning over time.
Since Java releases will now take place every six months, we can safely say that innovations that did not make it into the top ten will most likely appear in version 11 (or whatever it is called), in September 2018.