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Igor Melnitsky
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One decision that changed your life

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You never know where the road will take you, and I didn’t know when I started the Java course. If you are determined to become a programmer, you can become one, but in fact, for me personally it gave much more, and now I like to go to the best service javarush (I have something to compare with) and just solve problems by training my brain. But the story I want to tell you about began much earlier.
One life changing decision - 1


It was 2014 , having no desire to get a higher education, I started looking for income. It so happened that the first thing I came across was network marketing, where I earn good money, but I am fiercely haunted by a feeling of dissatisfaction. Having learned to sell everything and everywhere and realizing that first of all you need to be able to sell yourself, I leave the company. 2015 . Having earned enough money, it occurs to me to buy a truck, and my career begins called “don’t sleep!” Yes, that’s right, if you have 5 hours of sleep a day, this is an incredible achievement, after working like this for half a year, the thought comes to mind that I’m deteriorating. A change of environment is needed, which leads to half a year without work. 2016 . A trip to Europe for menial work, labor and hell that lasts there for 2 months. It is impossible to convey how people plow for $400-500 a month, how horses wash their hands with blood and rejoice at it. Realizing that this is an even deeper hole than the previous one, I take a ticket and urgently go back. Arriving back, I understand that there is a truck, and there is metal all around the Klondike. I take a grinder, scrap welding, and wherever I can find it, disassemble it and cut down the metal. I've been in metal for half a year and I'm tired of everything.

The trip that changed my life.

When I'm tired of everything, I decide that I need to rest, but there is no money. Unable to find a way out, I took out a loan and flew to Egypt, at that moment I didn’t even suspect what life had in store for me. After resting for a couple of days, a man appears with a laptop covered in stickers, and immediately attracted my attention; after asking the Animator, they said that he was a permanent resident of the hotel and that he was a programmer. After collecting my thoughts for a couple of days, I decided to come up and talk. And lo and behold, after the conversation I seemed to understand “This is it!!!” I realized that I want to become a programmer. Arriving home, as if in a fairy tale, they took away the rest of the metal from me, and on the second day my brother offered to sell my old computers, a miracle, a miracle happened in 5 days, I closed the loan and immediately started looking for courses. I had previously had unsuccessful attempts to learn programming due to bad courses, so this time I took the choice seriously and chose Javarush. Having purchased the maximum package for a year, I begin to study day after day, my brain is tense, my nerves are acting up, at that moment I wanted to say only one thing, “I hate this site,” but that was only then. After half a year of study, having decided that I had already learned, I began looking for a job, but I couldn’t find one. Then a new acquaintance appears in life who is a team lead but in a company that deals with PHP backend, and what do you think? They offer me to relearn from them since I know Java and I’ll understand PHP, feeling the full power of Java I go to them for an interview, and you know what, they hired me, I worked for exactly 2 months at a good salary but I realized that PHP is not mine, but nevertheless, the atmosphere itself gave me a lot to understand. After leaving this job, I started freelancing, beautifully you sit at home and earn money, but when faced with different clients, this also gets boring. I decide to create an online store and sell products. It’s a difficult business but interesting, after holding on for half a year I decide to sell it and sell it for $1000 and I understand that I need to make the same one and sell it and so I started selling websites, earning good money is not enough for me and since I know Java I post my resume and start look into blockchain technology. I get calls about work very often, but somehow I don’t feel like sitting in the office. Therefore, having understood the blockchain, I understand that this is the future and I buy currencies, after a while I build a website for raising capital in cryptocurrency and everything works. Now I am engaged in selling websites and long-term investing, I did everything myself. What I was leading all this to is all in order to understand in the end that everything I achieved thanks to my mind and javarush, when I log in after all this time I see how to do everything, sometimes I even see editorial errors in the code and I feel like a professional, my The level of thinking and logic has developed to incredible heights thanks to java. I'm still being offered jobs that I don't need. Life has put everything together in a way that I had no idea about. And what I would like to advise newcomers:
  1. If you decide to learn, go to the end no matter how bad and difficult it is, sometimes even misunderstood information after a while becomes elementary in itself;

  2. Take your time, just fall in love with this thing and do it;

  3. Once you understand OOP and program structure, you will be able to handle any language;

  4. Value yourself, don’t go to work for $300 as a programmer, be aware that the shortage of personnel is crazy, especially java, and this is an area where your boss may not even know how to display everything in the console, so you dictate the conditions, not him. Appreciate always and everywhere that what you create or will build is many times more expensive than what you are paid;

  5. When you come to an interview, know that you are the boss and radiate confidence even if you only know half the language, you will understand much more in the process. But the chance to snatch a good place is only through confidence.
To summarize everything, I want to tell you that if you want good capital, smart brains, and the opportunity to develop in IT, although I did not become a great programmer, I know that it’s all thanks to this. This is an incredible field with a huge range of opportunities, and thanks to a service like javarush, I know that this is the best door leading to heights. Thanks Javarush!