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Five reasons to learn English

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In our modern world, knowledge of English is becoming a banal necessity. Knowing foreign languages ​​today is absolutely necessary for every educated person, for every good specialist (especially a programmer). Therefore, let's learn foreign languages ​​and discover many interesting things in our lives with them! Here are five reasons that will help you see that learning English is very useful.
Five reasons to learn English - 1
1. Useful when traveling
Five reasons to learn English - 2
No matter what country you go to, English will come in handy in any case. If you speak English, you can easily overcome the language barrier and enjoy your trip. 2. The most popular language in the world
Five reasons to learn English - 3
Learning English is a great investment. In more than 60 countries around the world, English is the official language. This means, wherever you go, you will have the opportunity to speak English and show off your knowledge. 3. Your personal business (business)
Five reasons to learn English - 4
Perhaps you are thinking of expanding the boundaries of your business. You can’t live without English, because it is used as a lingua franca in many areas of business in other countries, and is a kind of key to success in business communication between business partners. 4. Career growth
Five reasons to learn English - 5
Every educated person wants to be successful in his or her field of knowledge. Knowledge of a foreign language will help you get the desired position very quickly, as well as be competitive in the labor market. In the era of globalization, employers value people who have the ability to communicate in foreign languages. 5. Study at prestigious universities
Five reasons to learn English - 6
If your goal is a first-class education, then most likely you will need English. In most prestigious universities in the world, teaching is conducted entirely or partially in English. To summarize the above, I would like to note an excellent resource for learning English. I wish you all happy studying!