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Meet the first real project - ratings

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Attention, all Javarash residents!
Finally, you have the opportunity not only to solve interesting problems, but also to observe the progress and effectiveness of other students’ learning. Meet the result of our students' work - the "Ratings" project. What you can find out in the ratings:
  • rating of our students by the number of solved problems (for all time, for the last month, for the last week)
  • rating of our students by level
  • rating of our students based on the average number of attempts to solve a problem
  • statistics on tasks (percentage of students passing it, average number of attempts to solve a particular problem, maximum number of attempts to solve a problem)
This is only the first release. There are plans to develop a second release, which will include:
  • additionally a field in user ratings to search for a specific user and his place in the top (with auto-complete)
  • fast scroll buttons - to end, to beginning
  • separate tab with various graphs and diagrams
The ratings include students over level 10, who have a name indicated (including the name must be indicated for anonymous users). The data for the ratings is updated every hour . You can read more about this and other real projects of our course here . View a visualization of how the ratings were created here . Heroes developing this application: , , , . Leave your feedback and suggestions (as well as suggestions for other tops or graphs) in the comments. All relevant suggestions will be considered and, possibly, included in the second release. (you can keep the negativity to yourself - the guys tried their best. The project was completed in a month and a half)