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I want to share books on Java

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Hi all!

I want to tell you about how I started learning Java and share books on this wonderful programming language. I started learning Java about 2-3 weeks ago. To be exact, June 18th. I came across a video course on the Internet, which stated that at the end of the course you will be able to pass the first level of Java knowledge on the Oracle test. I never watched the course to the end. It was too superficial, and was designed more for people who already know how to program, for example in “plus” (C++). And my knowledge of English is very poor. And in that course they advised to read the description of the lectures in the tutorial on the Oracle website . This didn’t stop me from wanting to program, so I decided to find books on Java. After searching a bit, I found books that I now periodically read. While searching for books, I found this site. I think it was June 22nd. Now I'm already level 8 , I complete the tasks almost the first time. I was often stupefied, but I still found the strength to come to my senses :) For 2 days I was shy about array problems, read about them in books, googled them, and today I started solving problems. The first time. The eyes are afraid, the hands are busy :) I would like to know who reads what from books, maybe someone can advise something. Of all the books that I found, I identified three books that lead in advice. More precisely, the leaders in terms of advice are two ( Philosophy of Java 4 edition of Java 2 Shield), and I like the third (Java 7 - The Complete Reference) due to the accessibility of the material. In any case, I want to share my library , and maybe someone will help me add something else to my collection that is worthy of the attention of a novice Javaist. Best Regards, Artem Pakhomov PS add as a friend on social media. networks :)