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The first small victory in 2015 or the oddities of interviews

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As I wrote last year, I wanted to take a course at NetCracker in my city. Unfortunately, they didn’t take me then, because I didn’t answer the questions confidently, I knew and understood little, so they didn’t take me quite rightly. I promised myself that I would definitely pass the next intake: I waited, studied JAVA, waited, studied JAVA and waited. A new set has begun... A little history Last time I was asked a lot about the collections, so for them I prepared a monologue for 15-20 minutes, I was ready to draw their full hierarchy, tell what is different from what, etc. I could probably answer most questions about exceptions, and had some understanding of input and output streams. Things didn't go well for me with multithreading, and they still don't. I'll deal with this later. Attempt number two I sent a questionnaire to which I made some minor changes. A few days later they called me and told me to come for an interview. Of the previous three people, only the face of the girl from the HR department was familiar to me; two of the guys were new. I told the girl that my desire to undergo training had not changed, that I was working in the same place where I worked. I told the guys that I continue to solve problems on JAVARSH, read Schildt, Eckel, and watch Golovach’s courses. One of them asked me why I didn't pass last time. I answered him that they asked me questions about which I was not aware at that time. For example, how does ArrayList differ from LinkedList (this phrase is in every topic of mine! :)). "And with what?" - he asked straight away. I answered that one is based on an array, the other is a doubly linked list. “I have no more questions,” he said. Although then he also asked what types of exceptions there are, since I wrote in the questionnaire that I could communicate in more detail on the topics of collections and exceptions. I also answered this question for him. He didn't ask any more questions. The second one started with the phrase: “Well, I have a standard task: write in any language a function that raises the number a to the power b,” and handed me a piece of paper. I said that now I will write a cycle where I will multiply 1 by ab times. He said: "Write." It took me about a minute to write such a method. I handed over the piece of paper with the code. public int stepen(int a, int b){ int result = 1; for (int i = 1; i<=b; i++){ result*=a; } return result; } He looked and let someone else look and said that he also had no more questions. The girl walked me to the door. Maximum 10 minutes have passed since the beginning of our conversation. Aftertaste I came out, I must say, with strange feelings. Why so fast? Why have I been asked so little? I had so much information prepared to tell me, how did it happen that it was not useful? All these questions tormented me at first. On the second day, my brain began to come up with new tricks. Or maybe they wanted all numbers to be raised to a power, for example 2.3 to the power of 2.5, but in my program everything was based on int. Moreover, I suddenly remembered that if the degree is negative, then it should return 1/result. In short, Result Yesterday I received a letter that I was accepted for the course and the first lesson will be on Tuesday after the holidays. This is my first small victory in this field! That's all for now! Good luck to everyone and see you again!
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