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How to find a job? Distribution of resumes.

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Greetings, future seigneurs!

Everyone has a moment when you need to start looking for a job. Here I would like to talk about how I did it, how I thought, what difficulties I encountered and what I did to overcome them.
This article can be used as a step-by-step guide, so enjoy reading and may it help you as it helped me! Here I will not talk about how to write a resume. This is a separate article and it is not at all simple, my goal is different. Let's assume that you already have a resume.

Where to send?
How to find a job?  Distribution of resumes.  - 1 But really, where? You need to tell the world that you are ready to work! In our case, almost all IT companies have their own websites and you can find their mail on these websites.
First of all, you need to collect company mail. And there should be not 2, not 5, not even 10, but more, as much as possible. (For example, I had a list of 131 mail!).
There is another way, often companies are registered on job sites and they can still be found there.
For those who are from Ukraine, there is a site for dou programmers, a link directly to the list of companies. There you can choose your city and see. The resource is generally very strong and I advise all beginners to go through it!

Covering letter
How to find a job?  Distribution of resumes.  - 2 Let's say you have already collected a list of emails from all IT companies that you could. The next step is to write a cover letter ... What is it?
A cover letter (in my understanding) is a text that is attached in a letter along with a resume, in which you can write the purpose of this letter, some favors about the company (for example, I am sure that I will become better in your company, etc.) And of course, say what position you are going to.
The cover letter MUST be in English!Recruiters love it when they write a cover letter and by writing it, you will already be above those who did not. I'm sure a lot of people don't write this. When there is a big competition for a place, then at the first stage a lot depends on the recruiter! I will not give an example of my own, because. I want to use it too :)
CV distribution
How to find a job?  Distribution of resumes.  - 3 Now both the resume (in English, of course) and the cover letter are ready and can now be sent out, but first you need to do the following:
  1. What mail to send? It would be good practice if there is mail from Google ( and it will consist of the template . It often happens that they are sent from old mails that were registered as or some other funny ones.
  2. Send each letter separately for each company, do not do mass mailing! This is visible to those who receive and this is a minus for you!
  3. Send 5-6 emails every 3-4 hours so as not to get into the spam list of recipients.
  4. wait for an answer
  5. :)
Of course, you may think that the company you are sending does not need you at all, but this is an erroneous opinion, because: 1. If that company does not have a Java department - well, okay. You don't need answers from this company either. 2. If there are javas given, but there is no vacancy - that's fine too. They will answer you that there are no vacancies yet, but you will be entered into their database and as soon as you appear, they will write to you. 3. It often happens that there is a junior position, but it is not advertised so that there is no spam from those who wish and they are looking for it on their own. This is where they first look at their database, which you MUST get into if you want to be among the first. 4. As usual, everyone needs a share of luck! 5. And the last point about LinkedIn
Registering on LinkedIn

How to find a job?  Distribution of resumes.  - 4
Register on LinkedIn is a social network for those who are looking for work and who are looking for workers. In the CIS, this is a social network for finding IT specialists. This is one of the favorite places for recruiters. Here you need to create your profile and fill it out as much as possible. There you can put your skills that you own so that the recruiter can know.
How to find a job?  Distribution of resumes.  - 5 - a secret search portal for programmers. Recruiters initially see only the skills of the person who is looking for a job and only with the consent of the applicant can receive information about you. a very convenient thing for those who work and are thinking of changing. And for us, this is another place where recruiters can find us. So do not disdain this place, register and wait, maybe someone will write)

Now you know how to do it, it's time to act! I wish you all the best in finding your first job! Strive, seek and luck will thank you!

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