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Wrote a game in Java at age 14

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Background In elementary school, I really loved computer games. Over time, I began to have more and more desire to create something of my own. I learned about one very interesting profession - programmer. A programmer, in my understanding, is a creator, a writer in his own way, he can create whatever he wants by writing lines of code. I immediately became eager to become one. In addition, programmers' salaries are quite high. Wrote a game in Java at age 14 - 1Beginning The first “programming language” for me was html. I learned it in about a few weeks. Next came CSS, and then I was taken into this unknown world... I started laying out simple pages, making website prototypes, sat on various forums, in general, I really liked it all. How I got acquainted with Java I had a choice: go further to study the web, or go into software programming. I chose software. I started looking for courses, searched all over Google and found JavaRush. I was very impressed by the fact that the course was structured as a game, and that there was humor during the training. I completed the first 10 levels in about a month. Then I had to buy a subscription, but I never decided. By the next New Year, I realized that something needed to change, and bought a long-awaited subscription. From that moment I decided to study seriously. At the moment I am 14 years old, I have reached level 27 . Recently I wanted to write something myself, from scratch. And I succeeded. I wrote a game called GetFoodGame . To launch, double-click on the GetFoodGame.jar file. The idea is this: fruits fall from above and the player, controlling the vase using the arrows (Left, Right), catches them. When you fail to catch 2 fruits, a window appears saying that you have lost. In my opinion, I did not implement very well ( to put it mildly ) too many crutches. I will be glad to receive constructive criticism ;) Good mood and success to everyone!)