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PYPL Index: IntelliJ IDEA continues to grow in popularity

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According to the PYPL ranking , which calculates the popularity of programming languages , development environments, and databases, IntelliJ IDEA is ranked fifth in the world among all IDEs for any programming languages. It is important that its rating is constantly growing: as of October 2017, its market share is 4.65%, while in October 2015 this figure was more modest: 3.01%.
PYPL Index: IntelliJ IDEA continues to grow in popularity - 1
Our favorite IDE shows the best results in Germany and the UK: in both regions it is in third place. It should be mentioned that in PYPL you will not find a separate rating for Russia or Ukraine, where the results of IntelliJ IDEA would be at least as good.
PYPL Index: IntelliJ IDEA continues to grow in popularity - 2
Who is the leader? For those who follow the industry, the answer will not be surprising. It's still Eclipse, a completely free and open source integrated development environment written primarily in Java. Eclipse supports a lot of plugins, which is both its strength and something that pretty much poisons the lives of developers. However, this IDE, which runs primarily in Java, has a 24.93% market share. In second place is Visual Studio. She is not very comfortable there, since her popularity has fallen by 0.7% recently. Right behind it in the ranking is Android Studio (9.27%). The fourth position was taken by... the multi-mode editor Vim (by the way, it was included in our list of the most popular IDEs for Frontend developers ).

Worldwide IDE Popularity Ranking, October 2017

Rank Change IDE Share Trend
1 Eclipse 24.93% +2.7%
2 Visual Studio 20.89% -0.7%
3 Android Studio 9.27% -0.2%
4 Vim 7.66% -0.6%
5 ↑↑↑ IntelliJ 4.65% +0.7%
6 NetBeans 4.3% -1.2%
7 Sublime Text 3.77% -0.6%
8 Komodo 3.62% +0.6%
9 Xamarin 3.42% +0.4%
10 Visual Studio Code 2.9% +1.1%
Let us remind you that the PYPL rating calculates the popularity of an IDE based on the number of requests in search engines. What IDEs do you use?