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Зеленая лягушка
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Question, Request, Complaint

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Good afternoon, dear Javarashites and Javarashites!


As is widely known in a narrow circle of people trying to study the exact sciences, there are three horsemen of Abocralipse that prevent this. Their names are Age, Humanities Education and Lack of Time. It so happened that I had to fight all three at once. Lately this struggle has not been going in my favor. And I decided to turn to the community with a question and request. I hope you can help. It's hard to fight alone. The main problem of my studies is its irregular nature. From time to time I encounter mental fatigue and lack the strength to exercise. I miss several weeks. After the previous skip, the Pomodoro technique helped. And now I’m not working out again for a couple of weeks. I don’t have the strength to sit down after work and solve problems for at least one or two minutes. I want to sit/lie down and do nothing. Play MtG: Arena for a maximum of thirty to forty minutes. I am a Dzhavarashevite, perhaps the oldest on this resource.


If anyone has experience dealing with mental fatigue, please share. If anyone has any advice, please do! I would be grateful to hear any of your ideas on the topic. Do not offer pharmacology (hormones), it has too many bad side effects.


The necessity of having a mentor for academic success is widely known. I don’t have a mentor and I thought that having one would help me cope with my problem. Therefore, please, if anyone has the opportunity to become my mentor, I will be very grateful. It’s true that I won’t be able to pay money. I won't be able to kiss you either. The mentor will probably be a man, and I’m not some kind of fag. I can’t kiss my mentor girl either, I love someone else. So I ask for selfless mentorship. Maybe I can give a small donation for the holiday. Best regards, Green Frog. PS For my part, I can become a mentor at Java Syntax levels. If anyone needs help with the levels of this quest, write.