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JavaRush competition: make a video, get a prize!

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Greetings to all programmers of the future and present! The JavaRush team is in touch and we have finally decided to hold another competition. We think our most active students have been waiting for it for a long time. So... JavaRush competition: make a video, get a prize!  - 1Tell me, do you have a professional camera? What about a selfie stick? What about a microphone for recording sound? Even if the answer is “no,” it doesn’t matter. To participate in our competition “Show how JavaRush helped you!” An interesting story about your studies in JavaRush, your willingness to tell it to others, and a mobile phone with a camera is enough. As you probably already guessed, this time we are not talking about an article competition, but about a personal video review competition.

If you:

  • Are you studying JavaRush level 20 (or higher)
  • Already finished JavaRush
  • Learned with JavaRush and already found a job
We invite you to make a video on the topic “how JavaRush helped me” and send it to the competition. It can be short (from 1 minute) or long if you have something to tell. The filming style is free, the style of speech is the same (you can’t use foul language or insult anyone).

Conditions of the competition:

  • Make a short video about how you learned JavaRush/got a job as a programmer.
  • Post it on YouTube.
  • Create a post in the Random group from August 16 to September 5, and place a link to the video there. Please include the word [competition] in the title. It is not necessary to write accompanying text, nor to post illustrations, but this may slightly increase your chances of winning in the People's Choice Award category.
What can you talk about in the video? The competition video is a video success story. An approximate video script may contain answers to the following questions:
  1. Introduce the audience to yourself (at your discretion: tell us where and what you studied, what you are interested in, how old you are).
  2. When did you first start learning programming?
  3. How did you find JavaRush and when did you start learning on our resource?
  4. Describe your approximate schedule for learning programming. How often did you study, how long did it take. How many problems did you solve per day, how long did it take you to reach your current level?
  5. How was it - difficult, easy? What was the most interesting and what was difficult?
  6. Were there times when you wanted to give up everything? How did you overcome them?
  7. What other resources (books, websites, courses...) did you use in your studies (besides JavaRush)
  8. Have you completed a JavaRush internship?
  9. If you are already working, tell us about interviews and how you prepared for them
  10. If you are already working, tell us a little about your work.
  11. If you are not working yet, how do you plan to look for a job? Have you already had interviews or internships? Tell us how it was.
  12. Your advice for JavaRush students who are just starting their studies.
... Do you have your own script ideas? Great, we welcome this! =)


  • Editor's choice - the most interesting stories. The number of winners depends on the activity of the participants; it could be one person, or maybe five.
  • The best video is a special prize for high-quality work on the video/original editing, etc.
  • People's Choice Award - the video with the most likes.
  • The prize for activity will be given to the author of the video that collects the maximum number of comments in a post on JavaRush
Attention!Likes and comments from numerous newly registered accounts will not be counted.


  • Programming books from the list below
  • Free JavaRush internship (for those who need it and who do not yet have the appropriate subscription)

List of books

  • Thinking in Java (Bruce Eckel);
  • Spring In Action (Craig Walls);
  • Data Structures & Algorithms in Java (Robert Laforet);
  • Java 9. Full overview of innovations;
  • Spring 4 for Professionals (Chris Schaefer, Clarence Ho, Rob Harrop);
  • Design Patterns (Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, Sierra Katie, Bert Bates);
  • Java. Professional's library. Volume 1: Basics (Kay S. Horstmann);
  • Java. Professional's library. Volume 2: Advanced Programming Tools (Kay S. Horstmann);
  • Spring Data;
  • Clean code. Creation, analysis and refactoring. Programmer's Library (Robert C. Martin).
Attention:If you win, but don’t find a book you’re interested in on this list, offer options and we’ll discuss it.

How to create a post

  1. Login to JavaRush;
  2. Go to the “Groups” tab and to the “ Random ” group;

    JavaRush competition: make a video, get a prize!  - 2

    JavaRush competition: make a video, get a prize!  - 3

  3. Click on the “create post” button;

    JavaRush competition: make a video, get a prize!  - 3

  4. Enter a title, short description, post text, cover image, and other images as needed. There is no need to enter the author's name and publication date; they will be added automatically.

    JavaRush competition: make a video, get a prize!  - 4

  5. Click “Preview” to see how the post text will look and check for layout “bugs”.
  6. Click "Publish".
That's all! We look forward to your videos! Your JavaRush team.