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How do I know what I can do?

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How do I know what I can do?  - 1The Marine Corps principle is that if you find physically fit men and women, with the right training and education you can turn almost any of them into unique fighters. Programming is a skill like playing the guitar, swimming, or riding a bike. People are not born cyclists. When I see friends who work twice as hard and earn four times less, every time the conversation begins: “Wouldn’t you like to work as a programmer?” You're really smart. Maybe you're just out of place?

Why programming?

Before teaching a person programming, it is better to find out what it will give him.
  1. Simple and interesting work.

How do I know what I can do?  - 2
  1. Programming is a simple and interesting job. Lots of room for creativity. I love. At first, I was crazy about the idea: I do what I like, and I also get paid for it. Then I got used to it.

  1. Well paid.

    I’m just pleased to see how my friends, after 5 years of work, began to buy cars or apartments for themselves. Not Moscow, of course, but not a village either.

  2. Flexible schedule.

    A tight schedule is unpleasant. This will be confirmed to you by anyone who has been stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour, or who has been fined for being 5 minutes late. What about being able to come to work at 11 am and leave at 5? Can you say it's a dream? For most programmers, this is reality. Do your job and no one will say a word to you. In many offices, you don’t even have to come to work, but work from home. You can always reach an agreement.

  3. Professional growth.

    How do I know what I can do?  - 3

    In almost any organization, in order to get a prestigious position and make good money, you need to make a career. A programmer just needs to remain a programmer. You don't need to retrain from a programmer to an administrator or compete for the position of boss. You can simply grow professionally. Programmers with five to ten years of experience receive luxurious salaries.

  4. High international mobility.

    The three highest paying professions in the West are lawyer, surgeon/doctor and programmer. But our lawyer abroad will be useless: other laws, case law, etc. The doctor needs to learn the language and take exams again. The programmer does not have to learn anything. Same language. Same standards. Often even the customers are the same.

Why Java?

The combination of the following three factors forced me to retrain people to become Javist.
  1. Java is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn.

    I was able to teach a person in three months.

  2. Great demand in the labor market.

    You can get a job without experience. Firms are willing to hire smart newcomers and provide them with further training.

  3. Highest salaries in the industry.

    Some of the highest. Especially relevant for beginner programmers.

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