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Clicked in the wrong place

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Hello friends! I also decided to write my story of joining the ranks of #Tyzhprogrammers. Clicked in the wrong place - 1Now I am 32. At the age of 9 I got my first computer. At that time, the main method of exchanging information was a 3 5" or 1.44 MB floppy disk, a very unreliable device. Disks were a luxury, the Internet was even more luxurious. Then I learned how to remove a hard drive and got a 700 MB “flash drive.” This was the first step. Many years have passed. , I graduated from school, entered the higher education institution. I studied for a year. I was dying of boredom, because in the first year there was basically everything you wanted, but not IT subjects. And suddenly one day I received an offer to work in an IT company at position as a tester. I gave up on my studies. I always considered experience more important than a piece of paper. I worked in QA for a little over a year. It was a good time - I got enough sleep, good coffee, a good team. One magical day, our boss appeared on the doorstep and said, comrades, There's a financial crisis outside, your entire floor has been laid off. It was a shock. I've given up on school, there's no work, there's severe unemployment in the country (I'm from Estonia). I worked as a security guard and at a meat plant, where I started as a warehouse worker and ended up as a foreman and plan organizer and purchasing, I also worked with metal. I was not “at ease” anywhere, although I achieved good success and results. And so, sitting on a social network page one rainy day, day X came. I accidentally clicked on the JavaRush banner. And little by little I passed the first levels. And somehow it stuck. I paid for the subscription, reached level 15-20, and then, due to moving and being overwhelmed at work, I abandoned training. It was then that the idea of ​​trying myself as a programmer was born. New subscription and all over again. It went very quickly, the service really helped with the basics, I sat down to code for 10 minutes and left when the sun was already rising. Java has become more than a hobby: it has become a passion. At one point, I felt cramped in JavaRush, I began to need frameworks, modern libraries and access to the Web. Java Spring, Hibernate were "drunk in one gulp". The first MVC projects went online. The training snowballed. I went to study. More likely for the sake of a piece of paper. I studied playfully for 2 years with an average score of 4.6. I started sending out CVs. Refusal, refusal, interview, refusal, interview. And then a call: “You passed the interview successfully, but we decided not to take juniors this year, sorry.” Again interviews, test tasks and refusals. I joined a club of developers who give presentations on various topics once a month. And then “my day” came. They took me. Life changed to BEFORE and AFTER. I happily get up and go to work. I code the working code after work, because... I enjoy my work and consider it more of a hobby, for which I also get paid. Thank you JavaRush, you changed my life, you made me happy. Now I'm a #Tyzhprogrammer. Good luck, friends, believe in yourself. Get up after the first falls and boldly move towards your goal!
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