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Video weekend #11: the story of unsuccessful employment at Google, how a developer can look for freelance orders on an English-language exchange, the transition from PHP to Java

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Comparison of Java with C++ and C languages. Benefits of Java development

Senior developer in the Yandex cloud infrastructure department, Vsevolod Minkov, shares his own observations about the features of Java compared to the C++ and C languages. Vsevolod also briefly, professionally and quite intelligibly answers the most common questions from beginners. If you want to learn about the benefits of Java development and why Java is worth learning as your first language, be sure to spend a few minutes watching this video. It will tell you, for example, why Java is better than Python, and for which projects it would be best to choose another language.

How I switched from PHP to Java

Java programmer with 6 years of experience Dmitry Zaitsev, part-time author of the CyberHare video blog, tells his story of switching from PHP to Java. The reason for abandoning his first programming language turned out to be prosaic. Dreaming of creating his own browser game, Dmitry realized that the technical capabilities of PHP would not allow this to happen. The optimal solution was to study Java, and then fully switch to this language in my professional career. The author of the video compares various languages ​​in terms of the features of implementing projects for the front end and back end. Without stopping only at Java and PHP, Dmitry evaluates such well-known programming languages ​​as Ruby, Python and C++.

Mistakes in negotiations | Stream on Upwork | How to become a freelance web programmer

Most newbie programmers want to get a full-time job in an office after training. Yes, this provides a number of obvious advantages: both from the point of view of a future career and in terms of receiving a stable and permanent income. But, oddly enough, many developers choose freelancing rather than an office. One-time work for a foreign customer has many advantages. In addition, it can help out a programmer in situations where he does not have the opportunity for official employment for some personal reason. The author of the YouTube channel Profitable Freelance held a webinar a few weeks ago, during which he shared with viewers the features of finding customers on the largest English-language exchange, Upwork. If you are a software developer and want to find well-paid jobs remotely, take an hour and a half of free time to watch this video. Perhaps, if you have encountered difficulties finding work in your city, a freelancer exchange can solve this problem.

Didn't get picked up by Google

Well, of course, who doesn’t dream of getting a job at Google’s head office for an annual salary of $200-300 thousand... How this actually happens, you will now find out for yourself. Russian-speaking programmer from San Francisco Roman Pushkin decided to talk live about his attempt to find a job at Google headquarters in Mountain View. The author will not tell you much about technical questions during the interview (due to a non-disclosure agreement), but you will still be able to plunge a little into the atmosphere of Silicon Valley. As is already clear from the title of the video, in the end Roman was not hired by Google. But why such a failure awaited him, he will now tell himself.