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Video weekend #23. What is JetBrains Runtime, the reason for abandoning 1C in favor of Java, creating a Roulette application and understanding the SonarLint plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

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JetBrains Runtime: Why did we fork OpenJDK?

Not long ago, the SnowOne Java conference was held in Novosibirsk, with speakers from well-known companies: JetBrains, Oracle, IBM, Revolut and others. We present to your attention one of the 12 reports presented at the conference. Its topics are devoted to the reasons and history of the creation of JetBrains Runtime - a fork (independent branch) of the OpenJDK library for desktop applications. If you're interested in working with JetBrains Runtime, there's a lot of useful information in the video, including font rendering, Antialiasing, HarfBuzz, HiDPI monitors, and Project Lanai. We also recommend visiting the JUGNsk YouTube channel, where other videos with reports from SnowOne are posted.

Why I chose Java. Goodbye 1C?

But in this video, Javarush student Ilya Leontyev (level 22) decided to share the story of his own difficult choice between 1C programming and learning the Java language. In the middle of his story, the author talks a little about the reasons that prompted him to master a new specialization that is more universal in the international market, but then returns to the motivation for studying Javarush courses. Thank you, Ilya, we are looking forward to the video you promised about the results of learning Java!

Creating a Roulette application in Java and Android Studio

Do you want to practice mobile game development? If yes, then don’t miss the video tutorial on creating a Roulette gaming application in Java and Android Studio. The application is quite simple: RotateAnimation is used to spin the reel, and a random number generator using the Random class is responsible for dropping numbers. All lesson code and necessary images are available via the link in the video description. Therefore, if it occurs to you to improve the roulette to your taste, then this is quite possible.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin SonarLint – Java code analyzer

Despite the fact that IntelliJ IDEA itself is a powerful and richly functional development environment, it can always be improved by connecting additional plugins. One such plugin is the SonarLint Java code analyzer. As you may have guessed, now we will talk about him. The author of the video, Dmitry Finashkin, clearly explains how SonarLint improves code quality by analyzing for potential bugs and checking compliance with Java standards. And of course, in addition to theory, you will learn how to connect and work with SonarLint in IntelliJ IDEA.