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IT news November 26: Facebook will pay its users $300, GitHub will have a dark interface, IntelliJ IDEA has been updated to version 2020.2.4

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Facebook will pay its users $300

Facebook has entered into a settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit alleging the illegal processing of personal images of social network users. Under the preliminary terms of the deal, about 1.57 million Illinois residents will receive just over $300 each in compensation for the violation of their privacy. IT news November 26: Facebook will pay its users $300, GitHub will have a dark interface, IntelliJ IDEA has been updated to version 2020.2.4 - 1Facebook was accused of violating the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act. The plaintiffs alleged that the social network illegally collected and processed photos from their personal profiles. If the claims are satisfied in full, the company could be required to pay compensation in the amount of $5,000 to each Illinois resident who had a Facebook account. During the negotiations, the social network agreed to allocate $650 million to resolve the conflict. Source: Bloomberg

China accuses India of discrimination due to blocking of mobile applications

Chinese authorities accused India of discriminatory practices that violate the rules of the World Trade Organization. The reason for the statement was the recent decision of the Indian government to block Chinese mobile applications for the third time in a row. Currently, 220 applications developed in China are banned in India. "We strongly oppose the Indian side's repeated use of the words 'national security' as a pretext to ban certain mobile applications of Chinese origin," said Ji Rong, spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in India. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Beijing expresses "serious concern about India's claims and calls for immediate correction of its discriminatory approach to avoid further damage to bilateral cooperation." Source: CNBC

GitHub will have a dark interface for the first time

The head of Github, Nat Friedman , tweeted that the service will finally receive a dark interface mode. According to him, it will be "the best dark mode ever seen." IT news November 26: Facebook will pay its users $300, GitHub will have a dark interface, IntelliJ IDEA has been updated to version 2020.2.4 - 2Friedman also said that in addition to the dark background, GitHub will have a special interface option for users with color blindness. Currently in Github, added text is highlighted in green and deleted text is highlighted in red. For those with poor color vision, this makes working with the code more difficult. The first requests to GitHub management for the need for a dark mode began to arrive seven years ago. Many users have complained that they have to use special viewing tools such as Dark Reader to use the platform . Source: Twitter

IntelliJ IDEA has been updated to version 2020.2.4

JetBrains has released a new version of the IntelliJ IDEA development environment. Release 2020.2.4 is based on OpenJDK 11.0.9 and contains several important fixes:
  • Fixed formatting of Gherkin files.
  • Fixed module dependency in Gradle projects.
  • Fixed class search in Maven projects.
  • Fixed issues with search text field size.
  • Fixed branch selection when opening checkout dialog.
  • Fixed JCEF issues with Markdown editor focus disappearing from another data group.
  • Fixed the way to open a new project in macOS Big Sur.
  • We fixed an issue that caused IntelliJ IDEA to crash after resuming from sleep mode on macOS Big Sur.
Users can update their IntelliJ IDEA to a new version directly from the IDE, using the Toolbox app, or using snaps (for Ubuntu users). You can also download the development environment from the JetBrains website. Source: JetBrains

Internet Explorer stopped displaying most popular sites

The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser stopped opening many popular sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and others. Now, if a user tries to open these sites in Internet Explorer, they are automatically redirected to the Microsoft Edge browser. IT news November 26: Facebook will pay its users $300, GitHub will have a dark interface, IntelliJ IDEA has been updated to version 2020.2.4 - 3With this radical decision, Microsoft is trying to increase the market share of its new Edge browser. The corporation believes that Edge has better compatibility with websites, while Internet Explorer has long been outdated. At the same time, the old IR browser is still used by millions of users around the world. Along with the refusal to display sites, Microsoft deprived Explorer of the ability to manage accounts and work with Teams. Internet Explorer will no longer be compatible with the company's online services on August 17, 2021. Source: Windowslatest

Tatarstan reduced taxes for IT companies for three years

The State Council of Tatarstan today approved amendments to the local law on tax benefits. According to the document, during 2021-2023, the republic will have reduced tax rates for high-tech companies that are residents of technology parks. The head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Tatarstan, Ayrat Khairullin, explained that tax incentives can help the region solve the problem of the outflow of IT specialists. Starting in January, the income tax rate is reduced from 6% to 1%. If income is an object of taxation reduced by the amount of expenses, then the tax rate will be 5% instead of the current 10%. The benefit applies to IT companies with up to 100 employees and annual revenue of up to 150 million rubles. Tatarstan is one of the leading regions of Russia in the IT industry. Since 2008, there have been two large technology parks in the republic: Innopolis and IT-Park. Source: Interfax