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Video weekend #57. We find out what's wrong with inheritance, listen to the prospect of replacing programmers with robots, and watch two meetups: about the current state of banking software development and about vulnerabilities in Java code

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What's wrong with inheritance?

Inheritance is one of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, with the help of which a developer can add new or change old functionality to his application. But along with obvious advantages, this OOP principle also has some disadvantages that should never be forgotten. The author of the YouTube channel Grekonika dedicated his latest video to the pros and cons of inheritance. If you want to know the answers to why composition is better than inheritance, why you need an interface, and many other useful properties of this programming concept, watch the video presented here.

Tagir Valeev - Will robots replace programmers?

Could automated programming and the widespread adoption of low-code and no-code application creation services threaten the developer profession? What about robots and artificial intelligence? Tagir Valeev, head of Java at JetBrains, shared his opinion about the possible replacement of a programmer’s job and about future prospects for development. Also taking part in the online conference were Alexey Fedorov, the presenter of the channel, and Ivan Yamshchikov, a scientist from the Max Planck Institute (Leipzig).

Java MeetUp

The meetup, which took place a few days ago on the Innopolis channel, is dedicated to common vulnerabilities in software written in Java, errors when writing tests in an application, and many other interesting issues. You will also learn about production systems at the intersection of Java technologies and whether higher mathematics is needed in programming.

How do programmers live in banking projects?

The popular Russian IT resource Habr, as part of an online meetup, brought together several experienced team leaders working in the field of banking software development. During the broadcast, the interlocutors decided to clarify a topical question for many: whether developers should go to work in banking projects. Representatives of such well-known banks as Sberbank, VTB and Tinkoff expressed their opinion on the current state of financial software development. If you plan to look for a job as a programmer in one of the banks in the future, then this video should probably interest you.