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Video weekend #58. We write a portrait of the ideal junior, analyze the road map of a newbie, learn more about the Java “factory method” pattern and watch a meetup about finding and changing jobs in IT

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What is the ideal June?

What qualities should a beginning developer have and how should he behave in a team where more experienced programmers work? YouTube blogger Nikita Kabardin tried to figure out the answers to these questions. The author of the video is confident that, despite the lack of experience, juniors should not be afraid to take initiative in their first job. Even if a newcomer makes a mistake in something, his activity will certainly be positively assessed by management and other team members. You can get acquainted with the rest of Nikita's advice while watching his video.

Refactoring: Factory Pattern [Design Patterns]

Would you like to learn more about the factory method pattern using refactoring as an example? If yes, then you should pay attention to one of the latest videos from the Minsk Java Community channel, dedicated to the features and methods of using Factory. The video tutorial by Anastasia Borisenko will be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to remove garbage from code using a “factory”.

How a beginner can enter IT with Java (road map)

Java developer Mikhail Zuborev shares his own vision of what path a novice programmer should take to achieve success in IT. Unlike many other similar videos with tips, Mikhail shot his video in the form of a step-by-step guide. The author gives a lot of useful recommendations that will certainly be useful to anyone who plans to specialize in Java development using the Spring Framework and related technologies.

Finding and changing a job in IT in 2021

The Skolkovo Technopark YouTube channel held a meeting about the changes that IT job seekers should expect in 2021. The meetup speakers were the founders and representatives of several companies:, Raiffeisenbank, SuperTeam Lab, and GetIT. After watching the video, you will learn about the buzzword for an ideal CV, what you should write in the “About Me” section of your resume, how to show results in a new place so that you don’t get fired, as well as many other interesting and useful things related to employment in the high-tech industry. technologies.