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Video weekend #59. Let's find out how game developers hook developers, remember the Java Stream API, watch a test interview with a Java junior, and look at 5 mistakes made by novice programmers

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Why is gamedev so captivating to developers? (about programmer motivation)

Game application development is one of the most popular areas in the IT industry. And, no less important, one of the most profitable. Which is a good thing, because when it comes to mobile games for Android, you will need knowledge of the Java language when creating them. After all, most games on Google Play are still developed using Java. Dmitry Zaitsev decided to make his latest video about the benefits of game development. If you are already thinking about choosing this specialization after completing your studies, this video will give you additional motivation.

5 mistakes beginner programmers / Junior developers make

As you know, one of the biggest problems of all new developers is that they have no practical experience. This is why beginners often make mistakes that they could easily avoid. Juniors can protect themselves from making wrong decisions at their first job, or at least reduce their likelihood, by reading the recommendations of those who have already passed this difficult stage in their programming career. Maxim Zhashkevich's video reviews the most common mistakes that junior developers encounter. We hope that watching this video will help you in your future professional career.

What is the Java Stream API / Streams in Java / How to write less code and make fewer mistakes

When working with data in Java 8, you will probably need to use the Stream API library - a convenient tool for sorting data, transforming and creating objects. In addition, do not forget that during technical interviews they often ask questions about this tool and about working with streams in general. Today's video by Alexey Korolev will help you quickly remember the basic working methods and capabilities of the Java Stream API. You will also see several simple examples of using this tool.

Java developer test interview

Unfortunately, all subscribers of Evgeniy Suleymanov noticed that new videos with test interviews have not appeared on his YouTube channel for several months. We hope that this is a temporary break and Zhenya will soon resume publishing interviews with Java developers. In the meantime, let's take a look at one of the latest technical interviews. In today's video, Evgeny Junior's guest is Java developer from Israel Edward Levin. If you want to check whether your current level of knowledge of the Java language meets the requirements that are required for freshers in interviews, the video will be very useful for you.