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Video weekend #71. We study insertion sort, answer unfamiliar questions, listen to advice about communications in the life of a programmer, and test an application in Spring

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Java. Insertion sort

Sergey Arkhipov made a video about insertion sort in Java library sort. By watching it, you'll learn how insertion sort differs from other algorithms and what its advantages and disadvantages are. In addition, Sergey clearly showed how to write an insertion sort algorithm in Java yourself. Of course, in addition to the verbal explanation, you can familiarize yourself with the source code, the link to which is posted in the description under the video.

How to answer questions you don't know. Technical interview for a programmer

Jun sooner or later faces a problem when during a technical interview he is unable to answer any of the interviewer's questions. Of course, this does not improve the candidate’s position at the interview, but it is not a big disadvantage either. The main thing is that you answer most of the other questions correctly. Alexey Korepanov is convinced that a special technique for answering unfamiliar questions will help minimize the negative consequences of such cases. It doesn't always help, but in some situations it can be very useful. If you are already interested in what the author means, watch this video.

Alexander Chavalakh. Communications in the life of a programmer

By poorly establishing contact with other people, a programmer not only reduces the chances of his career advancement in the company, but also worsens the result of his work. After all, as you know, it is much more difficult to cope with a complex task alone than in a team. And even within a small team you need to be able to communicate. And the better you communicate, the better you do your job. How can a developer improve his communication skills? Alexander Chavalakh, executive director of the Infostart company, decided to share his advice on this matter. During the online meetup, he elaborated on the reasons why some IT specialists are poor communicators, as well as on the question of how a programmer can improve his soft skills.

Written in Spring - Tested with Spring

Spring is one of the most popular Java frameworks. Its wide functionality and rich set of different tools allow you not only to develop, but also to test applications. Alexander Barmin, a senior Java developer from the EPAM St. Petersburg office, will tell you how best to do this using the capabilities of the Spring Framework. The video made by Alexander should be of interest not only to experienced developers, but also to beginners who want to expand their stack by learning new tools.