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Java Junior vacancies for November 29 in Dnipro

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If you want to become a programmer, start working on yourself today. Every day is a great chance for new beginnings. Don't put your dream on hold, even if you have doubts. Just take it and try it, and first, evaluate the labor market in your city. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the requirements and conditions for Junior Java developers in Dnepr.
Java Junior vacancies for November 29 in Dnipro - 1

Junior java Developer for PJSC "A-Bank"

A-Bank invites a developer to the position of "Junior Java Developer" with the opportunity to participate in rich and interesting projects.
Java Junior vacancies for November 29 in Dnipro - 2
A-Bank is a Ukrainian retail bank with its main office in the city of Dnepr.


  • knowledge of the basic principles of construction and capabilities of the Spring framework / J2EE;
  • SQL: basics;
  • ability to configure an assembly under Maven control;
  • knowledge of basic OOP design patterns;
  • knowledge of popular logging frameworks;
  • ability to test your code.
The company offers interesting work, decent wages, and opportunities for professional and career development. Link:

Junior Java programmer for RBS Soft

The DBO Soft company announces a competition to fill the vacant position of a Junior Java programmer to develop a system for ensuring information security in banking systems, developing a module for supporting public key infrastructure. The project uses: Java SE, JDBC, J2EE, Servlets, Swing, Ant, XML, SQL, VCS, Java 8, JavaFX, Gradle, Tomcat, RMI, Mercurial. The DBO Soft company specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions for electronic banking and cryptographic information protection tools.
Java Junior vacancies for November 29 in Dnipro - 3


  • higher technical education / we are considering the possibility of working for fifth-year students of specialized universities;
  • knowledge of OOP, SQL;
  • good theoretical knowledge of Java;
  • Theoretical knowledge in the field of cryptography is desirable;
  • knowledge of ANSI C will be a big plus;
  • It's a big plus if you're familiar with JavaScript.
"DBO Soft" promises a competitive salary level, full compliance with the Labor Code, paid meals for employees, unlimited opportunities for professional and career growth. Link:
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