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Bookmark: How to learn Java. A large selection of training plans, tools and searches for motivation

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The great thing about online learning is that you can study whenever you want, even at 5 in the morning (yes, there are such skilled larks). At the same time, it can be difficult for people who have gone through the school-university system, where the material was presented in the format of ready-made lessons-lectures-seminars, and the teacher, if possible, chewed on incomprehensible places, it can be difficult to build your own learning plan and motivate yourself. CodeGym users often ask: “What is the right way to learn Java?” Therefore, we have prepared a selection of texts on this topic: tips from developers, tools for learning, and much more. Bookmark: How to learn Java.  Large selection of training plan, tools and search for motivation - 1

Make a learning plan

Before we start doing something, we usually plan. The same thing happens in education. Not a chaotic study of one or another topic, but a consistent one helps in the end to understand the new material. Why do you need a curriculum:
  1. It helps to break down a big task (learning Java programming) into smaller ones. For example, learn the general syntax of the language; deal with classes, objects and exception handling; learn how to work with files and input / output streams; master multithreading, get acquainted with collections; the basics of web development, popular frameworks.
  2. Helps to create a convenient schedule: every day for 4 hours; 2 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends; only on weekends, only on weekdays.
  3. Helps track progress: you can compare your progress in the course of training with what it was at the beginning. You can also compare what you have already learned with the planned milestones and understand whether you need to strengthen the training schedule.
  4. The curriculum is motivating. The feeling of victory from the completed item on your list of tasks spurs you to study further.

Find learning tools

When you have decided what you will teach, you should think about how you can do it. In 2021, you can learn not only with the help of books. There are convenient applications and features, for example, in CodeGym. For those who need a "magic pendel" to study regularly, CodeGym has come up with a kick schedule (it works for the CodeGym mobile app ). To help with the search for answers, CodeGym created a "Help" section , the so-called collective mind of students and resource specialists. In this section, you can ask a question, and someone from the Javarash community will answer it. And so on.

Find motivation and boost self-esteem

It may seem that this self-esteem in the learning process is not the most important thing. Perhaps you think that the main thing is to be a genius in mathematics, physics and other exact sciences. No matter how. Many smart people, never finding the motivation to learn programming, leave it halfway. Things like impostor syndrome, procrastination, and burnout are associated with motivation and self-esteem. And they happen not only during work, but also in school.

Switch from studying to something useful

As we said above, you can “burn out” in your studies. To prevent this from happening, you need to periodically switch to other activities. In addition, it is also important to return to school on time so as not to forget what you have already learned.

Read good advice from those who have already learned

The best advice for learning Java and further employment can come from those who successfully completed their studies and got a job as a developer. This also applies to scheduling training, and finding a mentor, and a list of resources.

improve english

Almost any developer needs at least an average knowledge of English to work. Therefore, in parallel with programming, it is worth tightening up the knowledge of the English language.


In this section, we have collected articles about online learning that may inspire you to learn how to code. Bookmark: How to learn Java.  Large selection of training plan, tools and search for motivation - 2